Two Years and Counting

This last Wednesday, my husband and I celebrated two years of marriage. We haven’t been married long but we have been together for almost 9 years. And I know, it’s only the beginning.

Last night, after WAY too many cocktails, a friend (out of concern) tried to tell me that there was something wrong. Word to the wise, my friends: never have deep, dark discussions after consuming gallons of booze. It never ends well for anyone.

And though I know my friend meant well, the most disturbing part of last night’s intoxicated events, was how easy it was to convince me that there was a problem where I had never seen one before. Last weekend, I missed a wedding in order to see the Supernatural cast in Dallas. There are a thousand extenuating circumstances as to why I was in Dallas instead of in Maine, but, frankly, they are none of your business. To put it lightly, this friend of mine thought that I made the wrong decision.

I spoke about it with my husband this morning. He was upset that I would let anyone, regardless of who it was, influence my feelings, both about our relationship and my decision (something he and I had discussed at length). He had every right to be upset. Here’s why (consider my lesson learned): the only people who get to decide whether my marriage is going well or not, is my husband and I. The only person, other than me, who has any say in what I do or how I do it, is my husband. I should have known better than to let an outside person’s drunky judgment influence my feelings. In nine years, my husband and I have survived dirty socks, un-swept floors, missed birthdays, car crashes, moves, layoffs, births, deaths and our own wedding. I had no right to let one conversation with someone else, make me worry.

We were at the grocery store this morning, having fun doing menial tasks, as we always do (single ladies: find someone to make you laugh, above all else). After some teasing, I needed to get past Pete in the line and said: “Excuse me babe.” The cashier smiled and looked at the both of us: “You guys are so cute.”

We are, though, we really are.




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6 responses to “Two Years and Counting

  1. Tchitchou

    Oh bb, I’m sorry you doubted your marriage. As I told you before, I’m waiting for the day I’m going to meet my guy and finally have what you have guys. People need to see you together like I did living with you for 1 week this year and last year : it’s like magic right in front of you and in the same time, it’s so natural. I can’t imagine you or Pete with anyone else. You are the parts of the same thing, you have an invisible connection. Well at least, something good came from this : you talked about it right away with Peter. This breaks everything your drunky friend might think about your couple. You have find your own way to function and it might be unconventional but it works for you, ans that’s the point. You guys are meant for each others and I can’t wait to witness you get old together. You’re an example for me and I feel blessed to be your friend.

  2. I would happily beat up this person for you because they should never have said such things. But in a more cheerful aspect, I thought I’d leave you one of my favorite quotes that I think fits pretty well.

    “So here’s a funny thing about relationships: No matter what you expect from a couple, you never know what they’re like when they’re alone together. And the only two people qualified to say whether those two people belong together…are those two people.”

  3. John Guyette

    You guys are pretty cute I have to admit! Congrats on your cotton anniversary! Love you both-J

  4. sarah

    You two are an amazing couple and should be very proud of your selves!! I wish you nothing but love and luck for your future! Coming from someone who saw the beginning of this relationship and how great you two have always been I will say that some people are probably just jealous of what you two have. And never let any one place doubt in your mind or heart! Hold on to the good times, and be proud of what you have. There are plenty of us who either found the wrong person, made bad decisions or rushed into marriage that can look at what you have with jealousy. Good luck!

  5. Jema

    You and Pete is really what I hope David and I are in 5 years (We’ve been together 4 already) and if we are only 70% as happy and in love as you two are.. I’ll take it. Ignore everyone. You know how it really is and how perfect you two are. xoxo

  6. Kaire

    Erin this was the saddest yet most sweet and honest blog yet. Its nice to get a glimpse at Erin the person not Erin the writer. You and your husband are lovely!!! Im happy that you realized what deep down you already knew! Heres to many more years for the two of you. You guys give me hope 😉

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