What I’ll Be Watching: Sundays

I could not be more excited for Fall TV to return! In preparation, as I do every year, I have put together my schedule by day, time and channel just to make sure that both my Tivo and I will get the most out of the television viewing experience. This is my schedule for Sundays this fall (all times are Eastern):

8:00 PM on ABC – Once Upon a Time: I am really behind on this one and considering how busy Sundays are, I’m still not sure if I’ll try to catch up. I did really like the first half of the first season though so we’ll have to see. I’m a real sucker for fairy tales. (Premieres September 30th)

9:00 PM on ABC – Revenge: My favorite new show from last year. Cannot wait to see what kind of trouble those Hampton folks get into next. Who’s gone? Who’s coming back? And who is next on Emily’s list? (Premieres September 30th)

9:00 PM on AMC – The Walking Dead: The first part of the 2nd season was so slow that I almost didn’t come back after hiatus. So very glad that I did though. Shit got real, real fast! They’ve lost a lot of friends and enemies but that building behind them in the finale looks promising! And despite having the worst wife and kid left on the planet, I am still fully Team Rick. And Daryl. They should ride off together. (Premieres October 14th)

9:00 PM on Showtime – Dexter: I have loved this show since the beginning. Michael C. Hall is as close to perfection as it gets for serial killers I want to shirtless hug. I may even pick this one up to start recapping this year. It’s just too good not to talk about. Especially after watching the first two minutes of the premiere! HOLY CRAP!  (Premieres September 30th)

10:00 PM on ABC – 666 Park Ave.: I love the idea of this show. It looks spooky and mysterious and just a little bit campy. Plus it has One Tree Hill hottie Rob Buckly and LOST‘s beloved Terry O’Quinn. Not too shabby. (Premieres September 30th)

10:00 PM on Showtime – Homeland: A show that I have just recently started watching and LOVE!! The intensity is mind blowing! Really hope I am able to catch up in time for season 2! (Premieres September 30th)

Of course, this entire schedule gets thrown right out the window if either mine or my husband’s football team is playing on Sunday night. Go Broncos!

Check out these helpful links to create your own master TV schedule:

My friend Kate (@katelinnea on twitter) has put together an extremely useful spreadsheet. This is the one I used to make mine! Check out many other wonderful things on her blog.

TV Guide also has things illustrated rather well with their annual Day-by-Day Schedule and their Premiere Calendar



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2 responses to “What I’ll Be Watching: Sundays

  1. JeniLee

    you gotta watch Shameless too which takes Dexters spot in January. amazing show!

  2. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    SO excited for dexter and homeland!!! can’t wait 🙂

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