Thoughts on the 5th Season of True Blood

Finally! A full season of True Blood that I didn’t mostly loathe from start to finish. It wasn’t perfect by any means and so very effing weird, but at least it was entertaining.


At the beginning of the season when Sookie and Lafayette had Pam turn Tara into a vampire, I thought for sure I would have to quit this show. Tara has been my least favorite character since at least season 2 when she first started crying ALL THE TIME. Turns out, it wasn’t the worst thing. I loved that she seemed to gain a bit of her smart mouth back and I loved her sexy Fangtasia costumes. Mostly though, I loved her relationship and interactions with Pam. I may even be ok with them continuing their love affair. Leave it to Pam to make a character tolerable again. That woman can do no wrong. Pam’s interactions with Eric were flawless as always and actually quite moving at times. They have always had one of my favorite relationships.

Speaking of Eric, is it me or does he just get hotter and more fun every year? I have been the lone member of the Team Bill & Sookie club for so long but I feel that this season’s Eric & Sookie moments finally have me on the switch. He can be sweet and funny under his facade of dark and sexy and I’m a bit mad at myself for taking so long to come around. I actually cheered out loud when I found out that he wasn’t doing the Authority’s bidding. Can’t wait to see what happens with them next season.

Another favorite? Jason Stackhouse. Sexy, adorable, dumb as a box of rocks. I loved him and Jessica together and am sorry that his new anti-vampire stance may keep them from hooking up again in the future. He’s gonna need to get over that. He and Jessica saying goodbye to Hoyt after Jessica had glamoured them out of his memory was truly heart breaking. Must admit, the tears were flowing. Is that the last we’ll see of Mr. Fortenberry?

One story line that I was surprisingly into involved Sam and his shape shifter lady and the crazy ass holes trying to hunt them all down. The politics of it were slightly over handed but interesting just the same. It was nice to see Sam having a purpose for once.

I didn’t care at all for Terry’s smoke monster story line. I was so excited for Scott Foley to be on the show but feel that he was entirely wasted. Very glad that was all resolved before the end so that I won’t have to deal with it next season. Also, still not entirely sure how I feel about Andy and his new set of Faerie quadruplets. What the hell is that about? And I’d like to care more about Alcide and his situation but I just don’t. He needs to get back in Sookie’s bed. That was hot.

Oh Bill Compton. I hate this version of him. He’s annoying without being at all scary. And while I didn’t hate all of his fellow Lilith worshiping vamps, I am glad that they’re gone. The final battle in the Authority headquarters was a lot of fun. How effectual can he be without his lackeys though? And most importantly, is he going to look like a fruit roll-up for the duration of season 6?

Despite the fact that it has turned Jason anti-vamp again, really excited to see more of the story regarding the death of he and Sookie’s parents and the vampire that Sookie has been promised to. Will Eric be able to protect her? I always thought there had to be something ELSE involved in the death of their parents. So far, it has been really interesting. Hope they don’t eff that up.



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2 responses to “Thoughts on the 5th Season of True Blood

  1. Eric was basically perfect in the finale, right? I go back and forth on the show (it’s so ridiculous sometimes….) but Eric keeps me going. And I agree, his scenes with Sookie in the finale were pretty great. He was the hero, and I hope they keep that going in season 6. Also, I laughed when he said to her “RUN!” because, dude, just pick her up and run, she’s a human and you’re a 1000 year old vamp!

  2. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    omg the fruit roll up comparison is SPOT ON

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