Retro Recaps: The O.C. – 1×07, 1×08 & 1×09

1×07 – “The Escape”

Most Quotable: Ryan: “Why can’t we just go to Comic-Con?” Seth: “Comic-Con is basically a bunch of pathetic virgins ogling some porn star dressed as Cat Woman.” Ryan: “I thought you went every year?”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: It’s a tie between Seth and Summer sharing toast and Ryan and Marissa accidentally spooning in their sleep. Awwww!!!!

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: Where do I start? He offers to sleep on the floor. He punches Luke (again) when Luke is caught cheating on Marissa and then he carries her lifeless body out of that scary Mexican alley. The swooning is never-ending.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: Chivalry’s dead sugar.”

Orange Colored Thoughts: This episode brings back ALL OF THE FEELINGS. One of my favorites of the entire series. The show started in the summer and then took an impossibly long 6 week break so that Fox could show baseball. “The Escape” was the summer finale and by the end of the hour I never thought I would make it through those six weeks alive. This is the episode that cemented our Core Four and introduced us to Summer’s rage blackouts. And who can ever forget the sight of Ryan Atwood in a sombrero? Tijuana hasn’t been the same since.

On My iPod: “Out of Control” by Chemical Brothers & “Into Dust” by Mazzy Starr

1×08 – “The Rescue”

Most Quotable: Ryan: “I know what she doesn’t want! She doesn’t wanna go to San Diego. And she doesn’t wanna live with you.”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: The flowers that Ryan brings Marissa in the hospital are absolutely precious. Right up until Julie Cooper drops them into the trash.

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: Not only does he help Marissa escape the psych ward, he stands up to the she-devil herself, Julie Cooper.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “It’s pronounced TEE-WANNA. That’s how…’re so white, mom!”

Orange Colored Thoughts: It’s no secret that Marissa Cooper has problems. The fact is, she probably should be in an institution. But Julie goes about it the absolute wrong way. And Ryan, blinded by his love for Marissa, only wants to give her want she wants, even at the expense of his own future. Thankfully, everything works out in the end. Ryan gets into Harbor, Marissa gets to live with Jimmy and we are all blessed with the introduction of Captain Oats.

On My iPod: “Keep It Together” by Guster

1×09 – “The Heights”

Most Quotable: Ryan: “Had to get the cheap Ferris wheel didn’t you? What kind of carnival is this Cooper?”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: I’ve never been a huge fan of the Seth & Anna coupling but I love her helping Seth get closer to Summer, even though she wants him for herself. Seth’s thank you gift of a sock monkey is darling.

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: Even Ryan’s incredibly charming fear of heights won’t keep him from his first kiss with Marissa at the top of the Ferris wheel.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “We’re going to school with like 300 Lukes minus the redeeming social qualities.”

Orange Colored Thoughts: It’s the first day of school after an eventful summer but school doesn’t mean that eventful stops. There are secrets, lies, acts of jealousy and even a little bit of violence. Don’t forget the beginning and end of Ryan’s soccer career. While Seth works to change Summer’s mind about him, and Ryan and Marissa share their first kiss, it is Sandy and Kirsten’s relationship that moves me the most in this one and firmly establishes them as my favorite parents on television.

On My iPod: “Paint the Silence” by South, “Don’t Give Up On Me” by Soloman Burke & “How Good Can It Be” by The 88


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