Retro Recaps: The O.C. – 1×04, 1×05 & 1×06

1×04 – “The Debut”

Most Quotable: “Dude, you’re a Cohen now. Welcome to a world of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt.”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: Sandy and Kirsten take Ryan aside to officially welcome him into the family. The smile he cracks when he learns that he is wanted could light up the whole West Coast. And for Ryan, that’s quite a smile.

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: He gets Marissa to the ball, escorts her when Luke runs out and then jumps in to try to save Jimmy from Holly’s dad. A true White Knight all around.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “Wow. You just got your butt kicked and you didn’t even fight back. Dude, you really are a Cohen.”

Orange Colored Thoughts: I love the continuing build up of sexual tension between Ryan and Marissa. I love Sandy’s delightful savior complex. I love watching Seth’s small confidences grow and I love that we’re starting to learn what a villain Julie Cooper really is. Now that we know Ryan is in Orange County for good, the fun can really begin.

On My iPod: “Why Can’t I” by Liz Phair, “Lazy Days” by Leona Naess “To Sheila” by The Smashing Pumpkins & “White Flag” by Dido

1×05 – “The Outsider”

Most Quotable: Sandy: “Ryan! Check this out! I have totally annihilated all the other ninjas!”

Sweet as a Balboa Bar: Ryan and Marissa’s water fight is one of their most adorable moments in the entire series. Every time I’m in a pool with a boy, I get upset if it doesn’t go exactly that way.

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: Ryan leaves his date with Marissa to intercept Donnie who has brought a gun to an O.C. party and then dives for the gun when Donnie goes after Luke.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: Sandy: “So this happened in the parking lot of the IMAX movie theater?”

Seth: “Shark movies bring out a rough crowd.”

Orange Colored Thoughts: This is the first thing I ever saw Paul Wesley in and now the thought of a 165 year old vampire with a hand gun, shooting Luke Ward, brings me an endless amount of joy (“Who’s the bitch now?”). And let’s not forget to mention the evolution of my favorite bromance of all time. Finally, Seth and Ryan can really be brothers. What doesn’t bring me joy is watching Ryan and Marissa get so close to easing that sexual tension, only to have the rug pulled out from under them when Luke is shot.

On My iPod: “The Way We Get By” by Spoon, “Let’s Get Retarded” by Black Eyed Peas & “All Kinds of Time” by Fountains of Wayne

1×06 – “The Girlfriend”

Most Quotable: Seth: “Who’s winning, me or my hair?”

Sweet as a Balbo a Bar: After Seth admits to Summer the huge crush he’s had on her forever, she plants one on him. Seth’s reaction is priceless and so endearing.

Ryan Atwood Saves The Day: Not Ryan’s best showing. He can’t even save Marissa’s virginity.

The Best of Death Breath Seth: “You hooked up with my grandma? Actually that’s kinda hot, how was it?”

Orange Colored Thoughts: Luke getting shot was a huge step backward for Ryan and Marissa but Marissa catching Ryan with Gabrielle and then losing her V-card to Luke is a giant plane ride in the wrong direction. What a mess. In this episode we are also introduced to the larger than life Caleb Nichol and his uneasy relationships with everyone he lords over.

On My iPod: “More Bounce” by Soul Kid #1 &”Hollow” by Tricky


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