Rocky Mountain High

Greetings from Colorado!

After 4 amazing days at a New Hampshire lake house with 10 of my closest friends, gallons of beer and zero sleep, I have arrived at lake house #2 in Loveland, Colorado where I will be house sitting for my aunt for the next 2 weeks.


I love this house. I always have. And now I have it (mostly) to myself for 14 days. Virgil is here and I will be helping to take care of my niece while my sister is in class, friends and family will be coming and going pretty often but, for the most part I am looking forward to doing a lot of reading, a little yoga and watching probably the least amount of television ever in my life. Also hoping that being out here will somewhat lessen the sting of missing Comic Con this year. Because that kind of sucks.

I’ll be keeping up with Awkward (LOVED the season 2 premiere! TEAM MATTY!!!) and True Blood but will probably take a break from the One Tree Hill Retro Recaps while I am here. There are just so many books to read! And I have been working on Clockwork Prince for an embarrassingly long time.

Stay tuned friends! I’ll post vaca updates and photos as often as I feel the urge. Have a great Tuesday!



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2 responses to “Rocky Mountain High

  1. Ok, I’m taking a plane tomorrow and invit myself there ! How gorgeous is this house and this place ??? Who Auntie’s is this ? It looks so peaceful and perfect. AND THE VIEW !!! Wishing you the best there, you need it. And I’m totally visiting you and your family there someday. Love you bb.

  2. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    that house is amazing!! have a great time with the fam 🙂

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