My Vampire Diaries Hiatus Survival Kit: Part Two

TVD Hiatus is still happening!  As much as I loved re-watching Season 1, I am still in complete denial that our show will be away for 4 more months. I am now onto Season 2. Which only means, double the pleasure, double the fun! And double the heart wrenching pain. Like I said last week, I am re-watching 15 of my favorite episodes, 5 from each season. Please note: these are listed in order of original air dates, not by preference. Also, if you have NEVER watched The Vampire Diaries, this IS NOT a list of episodes to see before you check into S4. YOU MUST WATCH ALL OF THE EPISODES.

1.) “Brave New World” (2×02)

Best Bite: Stefan helping Caroline in the bathroom. He’s cleaning her up, he’s calming her down, talking her through. He’s exactly what she needs, exactly when she needs it. The entire scene is so moving and heart crushing and beautiful. I’ve never gotten through it without crying. Special shout out to another moment I never get through without crying: Stefan waking Elena to take her on the Ferris Wheel. These two get so few sweet moments.

Stuff to think about: Damon: “Caroline of all people will not make it as a vampire.” EAT YOUR WORDS DAMON!!!

Character I’d like to set on fire: Sorry to say it but UGH! Bonnie!! So judgy!! What happened to Caroline wasn’t even Damon’s fault (for a change)!! And it’s not Caroline’s fault either!!

Moment to stake: Damon nearly staking our favorite vampire Barbie. He soothes her and then threatens her? HORRIBLE!!! Thank GOD for Elena and Stefan.

Fave Damon-ism: “Aren’t you worried that one day all the forest animals will band together and fight back? I mean, surely, they talk.”

Biggest Question: I would still like to know how Caroline got into her house. Do we assume that Sherriff Forbes picked her up without talking to the doctors and then invited her into her own house?

The song I play: “All This Time” by OneRepublic. Another song I danced to at my wedding and a song that so perfectly embodies one of the most beautiful moments between Stefan and Elena.

2.) “Kill Or Be Killed” (2×05)

Best Bite: Caroline saves the day!! She stops Elena while she’s blathering about. She takes out a shit talking Mason (sweet shot to the twig and giggle berries followed by a beautiful kick to the gut) and then she gets the best of the deputies and risks everything by showing her new colors. Caroline is a bad ass!! “Hi Mom.”

Stuff to think about: Why weren’t the Sherriff’s deputies full of vervain? And if they were, how was Damon able to drink them?

Character I’d like to set on fire: Mason. He did a bad, bad thing. I blame him for the death of those deputies, not Caroline.

Moment to stake: I cannot stand to see my Salvatore boys shot. IT HURTS SO BAD!! It hurts to watch Damon get shot while he’s down but she shoots Stefan when he’s not even moving? OUCH!!!!!!

Fave Damon-ism: Damon is pretty awesome in this episode which means a lack of his usual sarcasm. I LOVE when he refuses to kill Liz because: “You’re my friend.” And then he tells Elena that Stefan didn’t drink but needs to. Very selfless Damon moves.

Biggest Question: How was Mason SURE that Stefan and Damon would follow him into the woods? That plan sure worked out for him, didn’t it?

The song I play: “I Need To Know” by Kris Allen. This song plays when Elena lets Stefan drink from her. “It’s you and me Stefan. Always.” Such a moving and important moment for the both of them.

**I have to give some love to 2×04 (“Memory Lane”) because the flash backs were STUNNING and for the first time, I almost believed that what Katherine felt for Stefan was real. Love her or not, lady is a BAMF.

3.) “Plan B” (2×06)

Best Bite: I love that both the very beginning of the episode and the very end are illustrations of absolute love. One makes me giggle with delight while the other makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry forever. That is what Stefan and Elena mean to me my friends. This episode says it all.

Stuff to think about: Tyler: “You know what I think of Caroline Forbes. She’s an insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Katherine. She makes one hell of a mess by having Jenna stab herself. And knowing what her end plans are, she’s just doing it to be a bitch.

Moment to stake: SO MANY!! For starters: I am not a big fan of Mason after what he did to the boys.  But what Damon does to him is too much. I seriously cannot even watch. And I am a fan of Reservoir Dogs.That is saying A LOT!!

Fave Damon-ism: “Werewolf thing aside, the guy’s a surfer.”

Biggest Question: Does Katherine actually have any feelings at all for Stefan or is she just f**king with everyone?

The song I play: “Wires” by Athlete. Every time I hear it I see Stefan’s face. And that face. I CANNOT EVEN!!! Paul Wesley should be fined for making that face. It stings like nothing else I have ever seen on TV.

3.) “By the Light of the Moon” (2×11)

Best Bite: This is not my favorite episode. I love Elijah. And Tyler’s transformation is HUGE! But it isn’t until THAT ONE MOMENT. The moment that made me BAWL from happiness. Only because I was never stupid enough to believe that it would happen. But sure enough: Stefan gets out of the tomb and then runs to Elena. Not only does she embrace him, but she kisses his brains out! Absolute perfection and everything I needed to take me through a long, holiday hiatus.

Stuff to think about: This is the first of many deals Elena makes with Elijah. How many does he keep? How many does Elena keep?

Character I’d like to set on fire: Jules. I do not like her sniffing around. She is going to cause trouble.

Moment to stake: Watching Tyler turn for the first time. Oh. My. God. OUCH FOR A MILLION YEARS!!

Fave Damon-ism: “You should get out, enjoy the sun. Oh, wait, you can’t!”

Biggest Question: Is there anyone Jenna will not open the door to?

The song I play: “Longest Night” by Howie Day. A beautiful choice for a beautiful CODA.

5.) “The Sun Also Rises” (2×21)

Best Bite: Hard to find a best part of an episode so fraught with horror. But I love that Jenna tries SO HARD to fight all of it, to sacrifice herself in her last moments. I love that Elena is able to tell Jenna to turn it off. I love that as she dies, Elena is looking into Stefan’s eyes and I hate that he can do nothing to stop it! I love that Damon knows enough to set Elena next to Stefan and that Stefan knows enough to tell Damon to take her away. I love that at the end, all of Elena’s friends are beside her when she lays her family to rest. I even love that Damon keeps his injury a secret, just to minimize the damage done. It’s all sad. But the unity is lovely. They are a family.

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I’m sorry that you’ve lost so many people.” Jeremy: “I still have you.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Greta. Because she knows what she’s doing and doesn’t even care. It’s not vampire nature, it’s not for the good of anything. She just SUCKS!

Moment to stake: Um… this whole episode? The whole thing makes me cry my eyes out. Jenna losing her life, Alaric and Jeremy being unable to say goodbye. All of it. So painful.

Fave Damon-ism: “That’s my brother for ya. Always cleaning up my messes.”

Biggest Question: If the vampire wasn’t Jenna, it would be Caroline. Which would you chose? And what if Klaus would have allowed Elena to chose? Jenna over Stefan?

The song I play: “Skinny Love (Bon Iver Cover)” by Birdy – Always an instant tear jerker. So gorgeous and so heart crushing.



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7 responses to “My Vampire Diaries Hiatus Survival Kit: Part Two

  1. Theresa

    I love the way you dissect these episodes and pull out the best & worst moments. I’m not very eloquent at comments so I almost never make them, but I wanted to leave one just to let you know how very much I enjoyed reading this. Thanks for putting it together!

  2. Watching Stefan cry in “Plan B” literally had me sobbing along with him! My allegiance is completely Team Stefan, forever. It was solidified in that moment for me.

    Love the recap as always!

  3. onlymystory

    So this is me leaving you zillions of comments on all your posts because I have been REMISS.
    All your examples in Brave New World are totally my favorites too. That Stefan/Caroline scene is epic. And Damon & Stefan’s snarkiness over the forest animals is hilarious. If Bonnie wasn’t SUCH a judgmental BITCH, I would love the episode more. I’ve never been a big fan of Bonnie but I’ve always said a big problem is the writing and this episode is a major example of that. I can understand her blaming Damon. There seems to be a witch thing for blaming vampires for everything (which probably goes all the way back to Esther & the Originals) plus Damon & Bonnie have a hate relationship going on. But to blame Caroline? UGH. I mean hello, Bonnie! Caroline was in a car accident because YOU didn’t unspell the device. Then she was given vampire blood because YOU told Damon to. & she was killed because YOU told Katherine about her. That all spells BONNIE’S FAULT. And I know you (Erin) know all of this already but ugh it makes me so ranty. Especially at the writers because I feel like this is where they really started to go wrong with Bonnie’s character.

    But on to more happy commenting. Sort of. I too love the Stelena moments in 2×06. I know I gush about the Klaroline stuff or more in your face couples but I love the quiet strength that comes from the Stefan/Elena relationship. There’s this show called Instant Star (which you need to watch) and the main girl is totally judging her best friend’s relationship based on the part she sees and then people do the same to her own relationship. And so she says “So..uhm…here’s a funny thing…um…a funny thing about relationships: No matter what you expect from a couple, you never know what they’re like when they’re alone together. And the only two people qualified to say whether those two people belong together…are those two people.” I guess that’s always what I’ve felt about Stefan & Elena’s relationship. Just because we don’t always see these big gestures (though they exist), it doesn’t negate their love for each other.

    Okay this is going on forever so I will make my 2×11 comment really short. I like the screencap you have because Elena’s like perfectly reflected in the mirror as Elijah’s in front of the other mirror. I don’t know, I just like that shot.

    Finally, 2×21. If I go too much into this I will start bawling but I thoroughly enjoyed Jenna. I like the idea that both Jenna & Caroline show that you can be kickass as a vampire but that only Caroline’s had the chance to prove it. (And even she’s still figuring out how to really live despite being dead). Gale (iphignia939) does recaps too and she’s always had my favorite summation of Jenna. Which I’m totally going to quote rather than paraphrase.
    “She didn’t deserve what happened, obviously. She would have been a pretty awesome vampire in the Caroline/Lexi mold, I think. It bugs me I’m not gonna know what the hell her thesis was about. She wasn’t thrilled about being a guardian, and God knows Jeremy and Elena gave her rickets over the last little bit, but she was happy. She made terrible choices in men right up until the last one, which was a saving throw. She was, more than she’d have been comfortable with, a pawn of forces older than her, and scarier, and colder inside. But she freaked out for approximately two hours, then picked up a crossbow and held it at the man she loved just in case he was still possessed by something evil. She let vampires cook her dinner while she drank really good red wine and swung her feet. She was a person right up ’til the end, even when, by certain standards, she wasn’t anymore, and she loved her niece and nephew more than anything else in the world.

    Jenna Sommers died a hero. In terms of this show, you could do a lot worse.”

    Okay maybe not last thing (all your moments are bringing out so many feelings!). As for your question, what if Klaus had let Elena choose, I honestly don’t think he would have. If you notice through the seasons, Klaus doesn’t really ever give people a choice. Or if he does, it’s a choice where he controls the answer. But I think he kind of does that on purpose. He’s totally evil and crazy but at the same time he’s been the one to make the hard choices in life. Or worse, he’s been the one no one chooses and that’s clearly stuck with him. So I think he doesn’t really give people a choice because he knows the pain that can linger from making the wrong one.

    Can’t wait for the S3 survival kit! Just please don’t make me cry so much while reading!

  4. Jennifer

    I like your style of writing, but as a hardcore Delena shipper, I simply cannot stomach all the Stelena gushing. Barf.
    Best of luck to you, tho.

  5. Love your survival kit for this season! Except I would’ve included 02×07 Masquerade <~ one of my fave TVD eps ever! 🙂

  6. Plan B’s parallels between Stelena and Mason/Katherine were so, so cool. As much as I hate Stelena, I rewind that scene a lot because, just, wow. Nina is so lucky.

    The Sun Also Rises made me bawl in my room so hard. When Stefan offered to sacrifice himself, I was enraged to think that Elena would actually object. I know how much they love each other, and even if it was Delena in their place I would’ve still been upset. No matter what, Jenna is her FAMILY, her flesh and blood, who’s been in her life her WHOLE LIFE. I was fully prepared to never, ever forgive Elena for choosing her boyfriend over her Aunt. But then she didn’t so I’m good.

    Also, I hated the Stelena Ferris wheel kiss because, hello, Ryan and Marissa did it better. And first. Buuut it was very, very pretty.

    And I’m 94.3% sure Bonnie(Kat) said “It’s for the best, Nina” instead of “Elena” in By The Light Of The Moon when Elena was upset that they spelled the house so she couldn’t leave. Tehehe.

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