My Vampire Diaries Hiatus Survival Kit: Part One

Heaven help me. The TVD Hiatus is already killing me and it has only been a few weeks. We still have 4 months (at least) before the Season 4 premiere. In order to ease the pain a bit, I am re-watching 15 of my favorite episodes, 5 from each season. Please note: these are listed in order of original air dates, not by preference. Also, if you have NEVER watched The Vampire Diaries, this IS NOT a list of episodes to see before you check into S4. YOU MUST WATCH ALL OF THE EPISODES.

1.) “Lost Girls” (1×06)

Best Bite: “You said you wanted to know. I’m not going to hold anything back.” And while that is a tiny bit of a lie, Stefan does share a butt ton of information with Elena. His actual age. Where he came from. His history with Katherine. The reason he’s fighting with Damon. I also kind of love the flashbacks. Okay, I love them A LOT. Aaaaand Damon & Vicki’s boozy dance off. Love that too.

Stuff to think about: Stefan: “That’s the thing about Damon. He doesn’t get mad. He just gets even.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Damon. Hilarious? Yes. Maniacal ass hole? Also, yes. What he does to Vicki is really horrible.

Moment to stake: I hate seeing Elena afraid of Stefan. It seriously rips me apart. Hours ago they were making kissy face at the car wash and now she’s crying in fear of him. Tragic.

Fave Damon-ism: “I’m at the Sizzler. I had the buffet.” “Don’t get blood on the couch!”

Biggest Question: Still dying to know exactly how Uncle Zach is related to our Salvatore brothers.

The song I play: For boozy dancing I love the Anberlin cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence.” For sobbing against my front door, Jason Walker’s “Down” is perfect.

2.) “The Turning Point” (1×10)

Best Bite: Up until this point, Elena has been hesitant to really FEEL her feelings for Stefan. But when she feels them, when she shares them with Stefan, all is right. And all of the unicorns in the world run on every rainbow they can find.  “I love you Stefan.” “Don’t hide from me.”

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I don’t want to talk about my future Stefan. Because everything you’re saying is making it perfectly clear that you’re not going to be in it.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Logan. What an ass. And really bad at being a vampire.

Moment to stake: Damon using and compelling Caroline. Not cool dude. Not cool.

Fave Damon-ism: “But we’re a team! We could travel the world together! We could try out for the Amazing Race!”

Biggest Question: Where did Stefan go to get Elena a glass of water? Niagara falls? Dude was gone for AGES!!

The song I play: I absolutely LOVE “Cut” by Plumb but I danced at my wedding to “This is Beautiful” by Tyrone Wells. It’s a tossup!

3.) “Let The Right One In” (1×17)

Best Bite: Sure, they’re in love. Or so they say. But Elena really proves it when she not only risks her life to get Stefan out of the house of horrors but is willing to feed him her blood as well.

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I’ve just never… You were like this other person.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Frederick. Duh. The countless stabs just are not enough.

Moment to stake: It’s a tie. I HATE watching Stefan being tortured. But he is shirtless… I also hate that Elena seems seriously put off when her vampire boyfriend acts like a vampire. Get a grip lady.

Fave Damon-ism: “I understand. He’s the reason you live, his love lifts you up where you belong. I get it.”

Biggest Question: Damon winds the clock. Does he do other house hold chores as well?

The song I play: “All You Wanted” by Sounds Under Radio. Moves me every time.

4.) “Under Control” (1×18)

Best Bite: Stefan is freaking out. He doesn’t know what to do but he knows that he needs to be honest with Elena. He’s obviously struggling and it’s clearly hard for him to admit his weakness. But he does it. And of course, she wants to do anything she can to help him. They love each other. “I’m afraid of what I could do to you.” “I’m not. I’m not.”

Stuff to think about: Elena: “I know it’s hard to understand. But Stefan’s different. He would never do anything to hurt me.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Uncle John. And to think, this is only the beginning of his douchey-ness.

Moment to stake: One of THE most disgusting moments in TV history: Stefan licking Julie Cooper (a.k.a. Mrs. Donovan) off of his fingers. BARF!

Fave Damon-ism: “You ask, I come. I’m easy like that.” “No, Elena! I will not go to your bedroom with you!”

Biggest Question: Damon knows about Stefan’s “Ripper” side. Why doesn’t he feel the need to warn Elena?

The song I play: “Brick by Boring Brick” by Paramore. Great tune for dancing with your alcoholic, vampire boyfriend.

5.) “Founder’s Day” (1×22)

Best Bite: The editing flow between Stefan & Elena getting dressed in their 1864 gear is flawless and emotional and absolutely stunning but, for supreme best, I have to go with Damon and Katherine on the Gilbert porch. This one scene had the entire fandom in heat for months between seasons one and two. Serious intensity.

Stuff to think about: Damon: “Elena is not Katherine.”

Character I’d like to set on fire: Uncle John. Again. He killed Anna and tried to set the Salvatores on fire. He has it coming.

Moment to stake: Losing Anna was heart crushing. And it’s hard to watch Caroline go down, knowing what it leads to.

Fave Damon-ism: “I’m here to eat cotton candy and steal your girl.”

Biggest Question: Were John & the V5 Deputies able to collect ALL of the tomb vampires? Could some of them still be wandering around?

The song I play: “Bloodstream” by Stateless. Obviously.


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11 responses to “My Vampire Diaries Hiatus Survival Kit: Part One

  1. Though we exist on the extreme opposite ends of the triangle, I have to say that the Stelena sex scene was beautifully shot. I’m obsessed with sex scenes using golden lighting (and plus, hot damn, Paul Wesley is out of this world sexy!). I loved this survival kit! These are some of my very favorite episodes too. The “Sounds Under Radio” moment STILL makes me tear up every time. I can watch it over and over and over again and lose it at Matt/Zach’s crying in Elena’s arms. Awww.

    I have to say I have NEVER understood why the bloodaholic!Stefan we saw in s1 wasn’t in the Rippah!Stefan in s3. His personality was COMPLETELY different and I was not a fan. I was genuinely excited to see Stefan’s Ripper side in s3 and I was stunned and upset that his s1 personality wasn’t there. He drank a lot, lied to Elena and didn’t care, thought he was above reproach, and had a definite attitude. I say all of this not as a negative thing, by the way, I genuinely liked the way blood made him different and as a RIPPER, as someone who tore apart BODIES, who was forced by Klaus to drink HOW MANY blood bags in the s2 finale, WHY wasn’t he that same person as the blood made him in s1? It really annoyed me that he didn’t “enjoy” being a Ripper like he obviously enjoyed falling off the wagon in s1. Wow, I just repeated myself like 6 times lol.

    I also can’t STAND every time Elena gets mad at either of the boys for being vampires. HELLO, THEY’RE VAMPIRES! So it’ll be extra cool to see Elena as a vamp next season and the bloodlust issues she’ll face.

    I’ve always been grateful to the writers for giving Elena the common sense to be scared of Stefan and Damon at first. I get really tired of all these new heroines (coughbellacough) being all “oh, that’s nothing” when you SHOULD be scared. I mean, they feed on blood, and, at that point, she really DIDN’T know if they would hurt her or not.

    • Marisa I have to disagree with you on one MAJOR point. Stefan did not enjoy his blood habit in S1 AT ALL. Don’t you remember him stressing about it? Lying to Elena? Hiding it from Damon. And even when he had Amber in the parking lot in “Miss Mystic Falls”, he struggled with whether or not to bite into her. He WANTED it so bad. But he knew it was wrong. In “Blood Brothers” he is so ashamed of his actions, of his nature, that he tells Elena that he’d rather DIE than go on being the monster he believes he is. When not under compulsion, Stefan is a creature of urges with a conscience that wants to fight those urges with every fiber of his body. He loses control and then feels endless amounts of shame for it. The only time he ever seemed to enjoy his Ripper persona was when he was compelled. Outside of that compulsion he was wracked with shame and guilt and an overall feeling of unworthiness. But I think that because he is able to feel the love that he does for Elena, he believe himself to be capable of goodness and redemption.

      • Kaire

        I have to agree with Erin. No part of the blood drinking in s1 did he seem to enjoy. He was more ashamed of it than anything! I do think his love for Elena saved him so many times from losing his humanity totally but he was not drinking human blood even before her which just shows how important it was to him and how much he did not want to drink it.

  2. Dawn

    Stefan in that light blue shirt in ‘Lost Girls’ is the hottest he’s ever been. Maybe.
    Damon winding the clock gets me every time. Like it matters what time it is?

  3. You’re very right, Erin, and enjoy was the wrong word, I knew it when I was writing it, but I couldn’t think of how else to put it. Look at how he is in, goodness I forgot the ep, the one where he’s like “Please dance with your alcoholic, vampire boyfriend”?(I loved that line, btw)(Is that 1×17?) I just wish some of his snarky personality had been retained in s3 when he was supposed to be some badass Ripper, but, to me he just seemed kind of… wimpy. I wanted to see him relish in it a little bit. I mean, everyone always talked up The Ripper so much that I was expecting (and hoping) to see him become kind of a monster. I adore Paul Wesley’s acting and would’ve LOVED to see that. Though I admit when he was compelled to not feel he WAS badass, and funny, and (again, imo) so much better. And I understand the irony in that it’s because he WAS compelled not to feel lol.

    • You have to remember that when he was having fun at the Founder’s party in 1×18 (“Under Control”) he was drunkity drunk, drunk from booze and not just from blood. And that also turned bad quite quickly as soon as he smelled the fresh red stuff. At the beginning of 1×19 (“Miss Mystic Falls”) I believe that he honestly thinks he’s handling his addiction. He hasn’t hurt anyone (yet) and he is enjoying being around the woman that he loves. What changes for him at the beginning of season 3 is that all of the things he loves about his life have been stripped from him. He is drinking blood because he must. But outside of the blood drinking, there is no joy to be had. No Elena. No Damon. None of the life that he originally came back to Mystic Falls to obtain. He’s stuck with people he doesn’t want to be with, doing stuff he doesn’t want to be doing, all to protect the people he loves. Where is the fun in that?

  4. That’s true. I guess I was just expecting him to be all dangerous, relishing Ripper because of all the press during the summer. THEY built it up so much, that is was gonna be this big thing, and Stefan was really going to just love it and when he didn’t it was a letdown. The only time we got to really se it was 1920 (LOVED that ep!). But I guess, taking into account that he wasn’t in MF and with DE then it does make sense, but still. Idk. It just seemed like kind of a wasted storyline to me. I think it would’ve been even cooler to see him go completely off the rails again, Rippery, and bloodthirsty, and then earn his way back into all their good graces. I mean, at SOME point Stefan had to have loved being a Ripper, I mean look at the 20s and Monterrey, I guess I just expected him to be like that.

    • onlymystory

      I just wanted to pop in on the discussion and say that I wonder if part of the problem was Stefan never chose to be a ripper this time combined with the fact that he had no emotions. Like in the 20s, he was having so much fun as a creeptastic ripper. But Stefan chose to be that. He did things that made him happy. But in present day, Klaus made him turn off his humanity and that means all the emotions. A typical douche does things to do them, not because they necessarily make him happy and I feel like that’s the difference. Stefan wasn’t relishing (good word) in his present day Ripper status because it wasn’t his choice. He wasn’t doing things for his enjoyment, he was under orders. And of course before Klaus made him turn off his emotions, Stefan was still fighting. Though I do think the Truth & Wolfsbane game showed a hint that Stefan did enjoy some of it.

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  6. onlymystory

    Oh man 1×10, still an all time favorite episode. The epicness that is Stefan & Elena. I’m sorry, that deserves all caps. THE EPICNESS THAT IS STEFAN AND ELENA. SWOON.
    Alaric showing how fucking bamf he is and killing Logan Fell.

    In your 1×17 moment to hate, I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot. Especially because Elena does get really snippity towards Damon & Stefan when they act like vampires. And she doesn’t do that towards Caroline or anyone else. And I think I might have figured out why. With Damon, it’s a lot easier to understand because Damon is dangerous when he’s in full vampire mode. He’s impulsive and likes the sound of bones snapping and so when he goes all vampy, Elena gets pissed at him because people die. I get that. The Stefan part has always been more confusing (for me at least). But I’m starting to think it’s actually in a way Stefan’s fault. (And hear me out on this because I’m working out my theory). Stefan’s always made this big deal about not being a typical vampire. He’s all about animal blood & extreme control & acting like a human. (Which is an interesting contrast to Damon who desperately wants to be human. I never get the feeling that Stefan wants to be human, just that he pretends to be as close as possible). Anyway, since Stefan has such a thing for never acting like a vampire, I think Elena gets pissed at him for going that route so easily. Stefan fights and fights until he gives in and then he gives in completely. There’s no halfway with Stefan. Don’t get me wrong, I love who Stefan is but he’s not a 12 step kind of guy. Either he’s a pillar of excellence, or he’s rolling drunk off the delusional wagon trying to solve a puzzle of body parts. And maybe that’s why Elena gets upset at him, because he insists on perfection himself.

    Question: Stefan licking the blood off Julie Cooper’s fingers or Damon’s skin peeling off his wrists?

    I still think Damon’s line in 1×22 about eating cotton candy and stealing your girl is one of the best in the series. yay for picking it!

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