Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 1×21, 1×22, 2×01 & 2×02

Greetings OTH Family!! And Happy OTH Wednesday! We have hit the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2. Some of the most important episodes of the entire series. Read, enjoy and don’t forget to leave all of those amazing comments that I love so much!

1×21 – “The Leaving Song”

Overview:  Everyone is under pressure as the basketball playoffs approach. Jake deals with Nicki, Haley & Nathan deal with new issues & everyone must deal with Dan.

Random Observations:

  • I love the Scott brother bonding. SO MUCH. They certainly have come a long way in just 20 episodes.
  • Whitey is always hilarious when talking to Dan but he’s also really sweet. So protective over his team.
  • Poor Nathan. He honestly thinks that Lucas was the lucky one having been abandoned by their father. The worst part is, he’s probably right.
  • NICKI IS SUCH A SLUNT!!!!! Poor Peyton. I cannot imagine the panic attack. And the guilt. Jake just cannot win.
  • I hate this argument for SO MANY REASONS. I can put myself back in my teen shoes and understand all of Haley’s insecurities. At the same time, I now know men and can understand their “needs” as well. It’s a lose/lose.
  • I absolutely love when Karen stands up to Dan because no matter what snide remarks Dan makes, Karen is always in the right. She is good, he is bad. Period.
  • “Isn’t this bad for your shoulder?” Nathan is looking out for his brother!! Awwwww!!!!! But damn it Lucas! You couldn’t have moved a few inches to the left and barfed on Dan’s shoes?
  • Oh man. Haley just does not understand the way boys work at all. Poor dear. Lucas is really sweet to go to bat for Nathan though and try to explain it to her.
  • Ok, the Peyton pics are BAD. Nathan is a dumb ass. Why on earth let your GF anywhere near your computer without cleaning some stuff up? Idiot. Poor Haley. She’s really hurt.
  • Ugh. Keith. I feel so bad for him. He has every right to be a little selfish now. He gave his whole life to Karen & Lucas. And now everyone is leaving.

Best Bit: Nathan talking to Lucas about his troubles with Haley while they work out. They’re laughing together, telling jokes, acting like real brothers. It warms my heart. And the fact that Dan hates it makes me even happier. “Porn freak. Just stay away from the sites with farm animals.”

Ugh! Moment: Haley & Nathan’s fight about porn. I can understand that at 17 it must be a big deal for Haley. At my age, it’s kind of funny and I’d think a guy was strange if he DIDN’T look at porn. Either way, I hate it when they fight, no matter what it’s about.

Fave Quote: Haley: “I was over at Nathan’s and I was on his computer, and I came across all this creepy porn.” Peyton: “How creepy? Like she-male midgets?”

Biggest Question: What was Dan’s motivation behind asking for custody of Lucas all those years ago? Did he honestly have a change of heart? I find that hard to believe.

On My iPod: “Thrown Away” by Vast & “Suffering” by Satchel

1×22 – “The Games That Play Us”

Overview: Lots of shock and awe for all the Tree Hill residents as the Ravens play their first post season game and Lucas & Keith prepare to leave.

Random Observations:

  • Have I shared with all of you my love affair with Nathan’s color coordinated basketball themed clothes? I want to build a shrine to them. That’s how much I love them. They are magnificent.
  • At this point in the story, there is NOTHING that isn’t abhorrent about Dan Scott. The way he coaches, the way he fathers his sons and the way he talks to every woman in his life. The man is a walking disease.
  • *SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!* “Because I’m sorry. Because I love you. And because you’re looking really hot standing out here in the rain and I’m thinking I have to kiss you.” Pardon me while I do a ridiculous happy dance complete with giggles and clapping. These two. I CANNOT.
  • This scene with Karen and Keith breaks my heart. Mostly because Moira Kelly is the most stunning crier EVER. But also because those two are SO MEANT TO BE and it just sucks that she keeps pushing Keith away.
  • GO HALEY!!!  This part. GAH. Nathan’s look of shock, Haley’s reassurance. SEXY AS HELL. I could watch it over and over. Wait, I have watched it over and over.
  • Why on earth would Lucas ask Haley to meet him in the cemetery? That is just weird. And then to break that kind of news to her there? What is his damage?
  • So incredibly proud of Nathan standing up to Dan that way. He’s right and Dan knows it. So sexy when he fights back. I want to give him a standing ovation. He’s come such a long way.
  • Who thought Nathan and Haley were talking about doing it? Raise your hand. Yeah, I totally thought that’s what they were talking about.
  • Not gonna lie, I kind of thought that Brooke had effed things up for Peyton there for a second. Was pretty stoked to be wrong about that. Bye, bye Nicki. Hate you. Never come back, ever.
  • Brother love!!! Awwww!!! Just adore those two getting along.
  • Really Lucas? You couldn’t leave each of them their own note? You haven’t put them through enough? Real nice.
  • DIE, DAN! DIE!!!
  • Two things about this scene in Nathan’s apartment. 1.) Lucas has ZERO right to get huffy with Haley about sleeping with Nathan. Who does he think he is? 2.) OMG!!! MARRIED!! Normally I would think 2 teens getting married was beyond stupid. But this, I allow. For so many reasons. Allow and LOVE!!!!!!!  I could seriously talk about it for days and probably will post about it at some point in the future. “We did wait.” The way she giggles, the way Nathan looks at her with SO MUCH LOVE written all over his face? I die.
  • Side note: If you have not yet listened to the two commentaries for this episode, get your hands on a DVD and enjoy! So awesome! Also, James talked about this episode at the recent ATX Festival and my friend Kristen has the full report. Check it out HERE.

Best Bit: This was a tough decision to make but how could I not go with our very first Naley kiss in the rain? A truly stunning moment.

Ugh! Moment: Dan catching Keith shirtless hugging Deb. That will not end well for anyone.

Fave Quote: Karen: “But no matter where you go or who you become, this place will always be with you. There is only one Tree Hill. And it’s your home.” A quote that will resonate until the very end of the series.

Biggest Question: What on earth is Haley wearing under her shirt? It’s not a camisole, it’s not a bra. I don’t get it at all. Nor have I ever seen one any place else.

On My iPod: “More Than Anyone” by Gavin DeGraw and “Run” by Snow Patrol

2×01 – “The Desperate Kingdom of Love”

Overview: All of Tree Hill deals with the fall out of Dan’s heart attack, Lucas & Keith’s departure and Naley’s big surprise.

Random Observations:

  • This opening funeral scene gave me so much hope. I really thought that Dan had died. What a bummer to find out that he didn’t. In other news, Nathan looks REALLY good in that suit.
  • “I had the strangest dream.” How insanely precious are these two? Infinitely sweet and sexy and beautiful together. I would watch 187 episodes of just THIS. Does that make me creepy?
  • “We’re married now Haley. I’m never gonna hide that.” Hey Nathan Scott. Could you please be more darling? LOVE YOU FOREVER.
  • Deb & Dan. WOW. They are just the WORST. To each other and to their son. Though “Assiest ass,” did make me laugh out loud.
  • This Naley flash back. Not sure there is an OTH scene I have watched more times. Absolutely perfect in every way. She is perfect. He is perfect. They are beyond. I want to cry from the epicness of it all.
  • If Dan had actually been given a chance to make that little speech he rehearsed in the car, there is no way Deb would have believed him. Right?
  • I adore Haley’s parents. LOVE THEM. I also LOVE that they let us think that Marion was Haley’s mom there for a second. Hilarious. As are the front door jokes. And the horny cat burglar joke. And poor Nathan. The awkward faces he makes standing in the kitchen are just priceless. BTW, that white shirt looks DAMN good on him. Holy Moses.
  • Keith’s reasons are hysterical. “Dan’s an ass. You’re an ass. Your mother annihilated my heart.” Love that guy. His rant about Dan is also pretty phenomenal.
  • SUPER proud of Brooke & Peyton for deciding not to let Lucas’ letter get between them. It shows growth. Hos before bros.
  • “I promise you Haley. I will always be there for you. I will always protect you. I will always protect you. Always.” MY HEART!! MY FEELINGS!! I thought about this scene so many times during S9. I wish I could explain why. It’s just so powerful.

Best Bit: The entire scene with Nathan and Haley in bed together. The jerk that Nathan once was, is so far gone now and all because of Haley’s love. She knows that too and it’s why he is able to convince her to marry him, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. Nathan: “Ok, so I’ll say it again. I could love you forever.” Haley: “Nathan so could I.” Nathan: “So then why can’t forever start today?”

Ugh! Moment: Deb blaming Nathan for Dan’s heart attack and then telling Haley to shut up. What a bitch. And in a chapel too. Real nice.

Fave Quote: The first of many, the epic and iconic: “Always and Forever.”

Biggest Question: This entire episode takes place inside what I like to call the “Tree Hill Space/Time Continuum.” There is no way all of the events will ever fit into a time line that makes any sense at all to anyone. It does not work within the previous episode’s parameters even a little bit.

On My iPod: “Take Your Mama” by Scissor Sisters, “Empty Apartment” by Yellowcard,  “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 & “Lie In The Sound” by Trespassers William

2×02 – “Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise”

Overview: Lucas, Peyton & Brooke throw Nathan & Haley a wedding reception while Nathan’s parents continue to struggle with the news.

Random Observations:

  • Lucas is pretty great with his support of Nathan & Haley and with his party idea. And with trying to be friends with the girls. Must give credit where credit is due.
  • Dan’s “the sky is so blue” thing and all of the nicey nice? My eyes are rolling so intensely that they may pop out of my head.
  • Haley is so classy and sweet. And Deb is such a bitch in return. UGH!
  • Sorry but I am SO uninterested in Peyton’s Lust Factor story line. Take a hint Brooke. Why would anyone ever be happy about having naked pics of them posted on the internet?
  • Nathan is SO SO SO HOT when he stands up to his parents. “How about you and dad back off and shut up about Haley and me.” Yeah Deb! Take that!
  • Aaaaaaand Haley’s parents continue to be awesome, funny and supportive. Everything Nathan’s parents are not. “We found some hash in the guest room.” “By the way, the dog threw up on Mr. Waffles.”
  • LMAO at Mouth spraying Skills with cheese and then Fergie scraping it off with a chip.
  • Whitey’s gift is SO sweet. Not exactly useful at this time but sweet all the same.
  • Heaven help me. Nathan is already a perfect husband. Standing by Haley against his mother. Comforting her when she’s upset. I get all kinds of giddy when I watch that scene on the steps. They are everything to each other.

Best Bit: Haley standing up to Deb to defend her parents and Nathan loving her more for it. Do not mess with Haley James Scott people.

Ugh! Moment: Deb has some nerve saying that Haley ruined Nathan’s life. If anything, she saved it after his parents ruined it.

Fave Quote: Mr. James: “Hell, you can drive at sixteen, go to war at eighteen, you drink at twenty-one and retire at sixty-five. So how old do you have to be before your love is real?”

Biggest Question: I don’t want to be this curious but I really am. What in the hell was in that note Lucas wrote to Brooke & Peyton?

On My iPod: “Float On” by Modest Mouse, “Art” by Louque, & “Everybody’s Changing” by Keane


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4 responses to “Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 1×21, 1×22, 2×01 & 2×02

  1. Noel Breaux

    First things first: THANK YOU for acknowledging the timeline that only this show could get away with. It seriously has bothered me for 8 years lol. I still remember the flip flops and butterflies and the “OH MY GOD” that I screamed when Naley dropped the marriage bomb to Lucas. And I never even once thought it was strange or that they were too young. I just immediately thought it was perfect. So many significant moments that still resonated in episode 187 happened in those 2 episodes at the end of season 1 and the first of season 2. It’s unreal how instantly iconic and perfect this show was from day one and kept EVERY SINGLE significant moment as a part of every episode every season. Unreal. And can I just say, one of my all time fave Mouth moments was Brooke using him to play “Spin the body”. “Yes. No. Yessss. NO.” Hilarious.

  2. It’s been how many years and I’m STILL(!!!!!!) pissed that Brooke and Peyton never read that letter. WHAT DID IT SAY???

    Also, when the hell did Naley get married? In the s1 finale doesn’t Haley say “Nathan needs me” at night, and then the next day/morning she says they “got married last night” but in the flashbacks with her parents it was daytime on a beach? SO CONFUSED!!!

  3. Kaire

    Oh my the most epic and iconic episodes in this recap. Not only from season 1 but all 9 seasons. The flashbacks and kisses and lines that we get in these episodes will stay with us all the way to 187, how powerful is that? More importantly how freaking lucky are we to have such history with these people and this show? I mean you cant read these recaps without thinking of points in the other 8 seasons where these events from season 1 still have such meaning. OTH was great about making sure they never forgot the history and where they all started. Gahh these recaps always make me miss this show so much.. dont think there will ever be another like it. Thanks again Erin.

  4. Andrea (@andreaheffernan)

    I would like to point out that I am the worst Erin Fan EVER! I am so sorry. Stupid 50 hour weeks!! But I have Tyler Hilton’s “Loaded Gun” going( what I can not find to download), Let my re-cap of what I KNOW is your fantastic re-cap begin 🙂
    – The brothers when they are happy with each other is SO much better!
    – Whitey’s hate of Dan is EPIC. He shows it in very suttle ways. Just great
    – I freaking hate Nikki!! She just pissed me off. Leave poor Jake alone!!!!
    – The arguement. I think I would have been pissed about the porn. I would have been SUPER pissed over the picture of peyton
    – Poor Keith. One stupid mistakes cost him so much 😦
    – BROTHERLY LOVE! No matter what show it is in, it rocks!!
    – Ok Erin, you know my love for you and your re-caps. I love them and you girlie. But I hated the basketball themed clothes. He look so much better once they got him out of them (Except for one sweater that we will get to in later season!)
    – I HATE DAN SCOTT!! (At this point!)
    – One of my favorite rain scenes. Ohh and the commentary to this by the kids cast makes me laugh every time!! Naley love had by all
    – Karen and keith are a less annoying version of Ross and Rachel. They just need to suck it up and get together already!
    – SILVER TANK TOP! His face in that scene was priceless!
    – Nathan really standing up to Dan. I jumped for joy at this scene. Nathan was basically calling Dan out on all his shit! GO NATHAN!
    – *HAND RAISED* Who in the hell is really going to think that they are going to get married at 16. I was completely floored. I knew that they were going to get married cause I seen a little of season 5 but I did not realize how early in the series and in life!
    – I thought brooke told nikki. I was all ready to hate Brooke for it. That would ahve been a super bitchy move. Thank god she didn’t
    – The look Haley gives when she says she married Nathan was adorable!! Ohh and I completey agree. He had no right to be mad at her!
    – I love how you were so happy over a funeral scene. I was shocked and kinda pissed. I hate Dan but who was going to be as fun to hate as Dan at this point.
    – Ahhhh Nathan. I want you NOW!! I am so amazed at the change he has made over 1 season!!
    – I could not believe what Deb did. It shocked me but Dan, he is a dumbass. You are dying and that is what you say to her. DUMBASS!
    – I can picture nathan crawling in and out of haley’s window. And Haley’s parents. They are just awesome! The fact that they make fun of Nathan and the window is the Best!!
    – Oh and Marion staring at Nathan! Creepy but I mean come on who woudn’t. It is NATHAN!
    – I Keith’s reasons are the first time I have truly LOLed at Keith. So Funny!
    – Ok, The I will always be there for you scene. Love that scene first of all. So cute. James’s acting in that scene was weird. They was something off about it. Still love him though!!

    I want to find a video of Mark and James talking about that 1×22 scene and about Nathan/Haley getting Married. I NEED to find a video from that!! Re-cap. No words can describe. I shall try to get the other that I missed ( I think the one before and the one after this) later this weekend. 🙂

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