Mach 2 With Your Hair on Fire

Hope everyone had an AWESOME Memorial Day Weekend!

Mine was spent as it should be: celebrating with great friends and honoring the men and women who give their lives to serve and protect this great country of ours.

Our annual Air Show trip happened a few weeks earlier than usual due to other summer plans but I could not be happier about it! We were able to travel down to Long Island, NY to see the magnificent Navy Blue Angels and all of their glorious opening acts at the Jones Beach Air Show. Lots of sun, lots of fun and LOTS of jet fuel!

Some of the highlights (see above) included the F-22 Raptor, the C-130, the P-51 Mustang, the Canadian Snow Birds and of course the STUNNING F-18 !!

I love all fighter jets but have a special place in my heart for the blue & gold F-18s that make up the Blue Angel squadron. These are the best of the best. And, the best dressed!

After an amazing day at Jones Beach, we also had the opportunity to visit the Blue Angels where they rested. Such beautiful girls!

Sneaking onto the air strip with a photography class was also fun. Too bad none of us had actual cameras. I was able to snap one great photo with the crap camera on my phone:

Day Two: We visited the museum located on the airstrip that we had previously sneaked on to. So many great things to see!! Too bad there were so many people. Damn tourists always around to ruin my picture opportunities. And I mean tourists other than me. What was really great to see were the many veterans that were there to visit the museum and to see the Blue Angels. I am in awe of every one of them. So many great men & women have given so much to make this country great. And not just this country but other countries as well.

Like I said before, the Navy Blue Angels are the BEST OF THE BEST! See for yourself!

I also picked up some seriously awesome gear!! All military related, of course.









If you would like to learn more about supporting our troops at home and abroad, please visit

If you would like to see some of our real Navy in action on the BIG SCREEN, go see Battleship!! In theaters now! Read my movie review here!



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2 responses to “Mach 2 With Your Hair on Fire

  1. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    communicating… keeping up foreign relations…

  2. John Guyette

    So so so awesome! Sorry I missed you guys, but its looks like you had a great time!

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