Supernatural Recap: Survival of the Fittest

You guys!! I’m scared!!! It’s our last Supernatural Friday for Season 7 and that means lots of drama, lots of angst and I am sure more than a few surprises. I like surprises. Sometimes. I don’t think I’m going to like the ones the Winchesters have in store for us tonight though. I am super stoked to see Baby back in action, maybe even as excited as Dean. And I always love the “Carry On Wayward Son” moments. But still, I’M SCARED!! Can the boys get Dick? Can they fix what’s going on with Bobby? Hold me SPN Family!! Hold me tight!

  • I love The Road So Far. Always. It’s emotional and informative at the same time. Though, I don’t remember seeing Lucifer in there.
  • LOL at Dick giving Canada to Crowley. Though I think the Canadians are getting the better end of the deal. I’d rather be possessed by a demon that eaten alive by one of those black blooded monsters.
  • Frick & Frack = Sam and Dean. That is hilarious. Will Crowley take the deal? Who will he double cross?
  • Naked. Covered in bees. And poor Sam had to miss it.
  • Dean is being picky about nuns. Why does that not surprise me? “Let’s bone this nun.”
  • I love wacky Cas. SO FUNNY. Monkeys and flowers and lipstick. Dean tries so hard to be patient with him.
  • I. Love. Crowley. I love his reaction to Crazy Cas, to the boys, to Meg. Why does this show insist on making me love the villains?
  • Lady Bobby. He is not right. That is going to be a messy situation to clean up. Ugh.
  • Awwww!!! Cas is made them sandwiches!! That is pretty cute. I kind of would have like to see him comfort the pig.
  • Who is this blonde chick? And what does Dick want with her?
  • Bobby has LOST IT!!!!!!! So bad!!!
  • Dick made more Dicks.
  • Ouch Dean. We all know this was all Cas’ fault but Dean is so harsh sometimes.
  • Oh Bobby. We have to say goodbye again. I knew we would. But it still sucks and hurts and I will miss him. Though not as emotional as his first goodbye, I still have tears to give. Will we ever see him again?
  • Cas and his games. Ok, now I am getting frustrated.
  • Forgiveness. Dean can do it!!
  • BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Em Gee!!! Talk about Impala porn. So shiny and loud. Very good to see her.
  • Wait???? And Meg gets to drive her??? And get her all smashed up?? WHAT? That was less than satisfying. Also, I like “Born To Be Wild,” but I was really hoping for “Highway Star.”
  • So did they get Dick??? Did they get all the Leviathan?? BLACK GOO EVERYWHERE!!!!
  • Where is Dean?? WHERE IS DEAN?????
  • I want to giggle at Crowley calling Sam “Moose” but right now I am just kind of pissed.
  • Oh no. Dean. And Cas is just going to leave him alone there? In Purgatory? Surounded by the monsters he put there? GREAT. JUST EFFING GREAT!!!

Well friends. We only have 5 effing months to wait to see what happens. Will Sam be able to spring Dean from the dark, spooky place? Will Cas come back? Do they still have to go around killing all of the left over Leviathan? SO MANY QUESTIONS. And no answers until the fall. See you all then! Until then, Keep Calm & Carry On!


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  1. Andrea (@andreaheffernan)

    First comment depending on how long it takes for me to write this!!! YAY!!
    Amazing recap erin!! I do not think I would have been able to make a re-cap after one sitting of this episode. It may have taken me 3-4 sittings. So much happening
    First off- score cause I live in canada so i got the better end of the deal
    – CARRRRRRY ON MY WAYWARD SON!!!! I shall be blasting that in my car and in my head all week! Song of the week!!
    – The car is back!! I was jumping up and down when I seen that cloth in the background. I was like I know what is under there. JUST SHOW US THE CAR DAMMIT.
    – I was also singing along to born to be wild! Great song but I totally agree with you that they should not have smashed it into the sign. Dean would be PISSED!
    – Speaking of Dean, he is in puratory!!! REALLY?!?! Now he has been to heaven, hell and pugatory. The boy really gets around. I am so scared for him. I just want to hug him and tell him it will be alright
    – Cas this episode was INCREDIBLE. He kind of reminded my of brittany from glee just because you have no idea wha is going to come out of her mouth. The twister thing was PRICELESS.
    – R.I.P. Bobby……again. I can not believe we had to go through that again.
    These are the main things. It has been at least 2 hours and I still can not think straight. I will add more as I think of it. So mad we have to wait till october for new episodes. Thank god for netflix and reruns. That shall be my summer.

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