Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 1×09, 1×10, 1×11 & 1×12

Happy #OTH Wednesday to my OTH Family! Thanks for continuing to make these days happy for me! Before we get started this week, a HUGE Congratulations to Rob Buckley!! His new show 666 Park Avenue has been officially picked up and will air this fall on ABC. Be sure to follow the wonderful ladies over at (@Robaholics) on Twitter for all the delicious Rob details!

1×09 – “With Arms Outstretched”

Overview: With a big game coming up, Nathan needs a little help. The illegal and bad for you kind.

Random Observations:

  • Come on. That cocky grin is on his face from the moment he enters the screen. And then he grabs her and kisses her and then she giggles and then he says “I’ll kiss you later.” If that does not make you want to giggle scream into a pillow while kicking your legs in the air you have problems. SO MUCH SQUEEEEE!!!
  • Lucas does not give Brooke the most romantic or fun book.
  • Dan is such a shit. Every time he tears Nathan down I want take one of his fingers with a pliers and a blow torch. “I’m happy mom. Dad loves me.”
  • I love these little talks Lucas and Keith have. They’ve got such a great relationship.
  • “My heart’s racing too. That’s what happens when I’m around you.” GAH! KILL ME!!
  • Dan kinda has a  point about Whitey. Dan is a total f**k face to his son but Whitey puts a lot of pressure on Nathan too.
  • Brooke’s Weird Science impression is phenomenal. The moment I really fell in love with Brooke Davis.
  • “I’ve been kissing Nathan.” How friggin adorable is Haley James? I’m very relieved that Lucas doesn’t give her more of a hard time about it. He’s growing.
  • “That’s how it works. People are mean. Life’s a bitch.” Beautiful philosophy Nathan. Makes me want to slap him and hug him at the same time.
  • LOL at Mouth for calling Dan: “He who won’t be named.”
  • Oh Deb and Dan. This is where it starts to get really ugly. Can’t really blame Deb for wanting to stab him in his sleep though.
  • That break in his voice, her eyes near tears, his honesty, her concern. I CANNOT. This scene gets me every damn time I watch it. Stunning moment for the two of them. “Haley. Let me stay with you tonight.”

Best Bit: From the moment he enters her doorway until the moment she closes that same door behind them both. If possible, it means more the 2nd time around because you know that that’s the moment he fell in love with her.

Ugh! Moment: Happy, hot kissing!! And then he won’t listen the first time Haley tells him to slow down. So bad.

Fave Quote:  Nathan: “When I fell to the floor tonight, I was so scared, I was so terrified. Then I saw you, and I promised myself that if I could just get up, I’d walk over to you… I’d tell you how much I need you and how much I want you… and nothing else matters.”

Biggest Question: I have never taken “performance enhancers” but would they really effect someone’s aggression levels so quickly?

On My iPod: “Rain King” by Counting Crows, “Fallen” by Sarah McLachlan and “Re-Offender” by Travis

1×10 – “You Gotta Go There to Come Back”

Overview: Lucas makes a choice between the two girls who want him who had no idea who he was a month ago and in the wake of Nathan’s little experiment, Whitey cancels basketball.

Random Observations:

  • How awkward was that scene with Booke and Peyton both in Lucas’ room? The start of ship wars that will go on for years and years and years.
  • Oh Naley. I cannot handle the cuteness of their cuddles and their bedhead. And I am so thankful that Nathan was honest with Haley about his intentions after the last time they were in her room together. It was needed. Go him. And then after she kisses him and when she nestles back into her pillow with that sigh and that HAPPIEST GIRL ON THE PLANET grin (do not get me started on the her little foot touching his back), she embodies every girl on the planet when they are first falling for a guy. Just so perfectly portrayed.
  • Lucas is pretty on point about Peyton. As right as the two of them might be for each other, she is covered head to toe in issues.
  • I would never be ok with anyone packing my bag for me. How do they know what I want to wear? How do they know what underwear are my favorites? What if they forget the proper shoes for each outfit? Dan is awfully presumptuous.
  • While it would be really embarrassing to catch your friend’s kid with whip cream and condoms, I think Deb oversteps just a tad by going Keith. People should mind their business. Brooke is right, maybe she should look at her own son (pre Haley of course).
  • Haley really is the worst artist. Did you see those posters? Yikes.
  • You’re not my mommy! Lucas is such a brat sometimes.
  • Daddy Jake is kinda hot. Actually, not much about Jake isn’t hot.
  • If I ever found myself on the golf course with Dan Scott I would do more than scream at him. I would hit him a few times in the head with that club and then drown him in the water hazard. WHAT A DICK.
  • The start of live music in Tree Hill. And Gavin! YAY!!

Best Bit: All of the boys playing basketball together on the River Court while all the girls watch.

Ugh! Moment: Nathan realizing he’s the fallback choice for what was supposed to be his parents’ romantic weekend away. Gross.

Fave Quote: Nathan: “Hey, look it’s not about sex with me, okay? When you’re ready, I’ll be too.”

Biggest Question: Did I totally forget or black out a conversation Brooke and Peyton had about Peyton being totally over trying to make anything happen with Lucas?

On My iPod: “Re-Offender” by Travis, “Everything” by Fefe Dobson and “I Don’t Want to Be” by Gavin DeGraw

1×11 – “The Living Years”

Overview: Basketball is back on but everyone still manages to find time for other activities.

Random Observations:

  • How awesome would family counseling with Dan be? Answer: as much fun as poking yourself in the eye with a BBQ fork. Or so I imagine.
  • I don’t get Brooke some times. Who doesn’t LOVE the smell of a library and old books?
  • “I’m gonna go put this back.” Lucas is pretty cute with that rake. I wonder where that rake is when a certain someone shows up in season 4.
  • “I think you’re really brave to consider rethinking who you are.” Every single moment they share is just …. I die.
  • Not gonna lie, kinda surprised that Nathan even knows what a ratchet is.
  • Nathan and Haley kind a make me want to go get drunk on the beach with my husband. That shit looks wicked fun.
  • Ugh. Lucas shut up. You can get drunk and get tattooed but Haley can’t skip one class to hit the beach?
  • Is it even legal for Peyton to be home alone that much?
  • I think Brooke hit the nail on the head for their current situation. Lucas is getting something he wants from both girls.
  • “I don’t want to see you change. I like you. And I like the fact that someone like you sees something in me.” Dear Lord.
  • Nathan giving up basketball is kind of emotional for me and I can’t remember if it was the first time I saw him rip off that name sticker or not.

Best Bit: Definitely when Haley throws up on Dan. Nathan said it: “How great was that?” I have pretty severe vomit phobia but for some reason I can watch her barf in his lap over and over and over. And all of their faces!! Laughing FOREVER.

Ugh! Moment: Dan flirting with the waitress in front of Nathan and then yelling at him in public. This guy. Seriously.

Fave Quote: Lucas: (voiceover) “And the little prince said to the man, grownups never understand anything for themselves and it is tiresome for children to be always explaining things to them.”

Biggest Question: Are the people who work at Dan’s dealership in the habit of giving Nathan keys to any car he wants, any time he wants it?

On My iPod: “Harder to Breathe” by Maroon 5 and “Everywhere She Goes” by Across The Sky

1×12 – “Crash Course in Polite Conversation”

Overview: Peyton has a scare when she thinks something is wrong with her dad. Lucas offers to help her with that and a few other things.

Random Observations:

  • Just so all of you know what a old lady I am, I used to watch Nathan’s grandpa on Major Dad.
  • Within the first 30 seconds of meeting Dan’s parents you can almost understand how he became such a twat.
  • Keith is positively thrilled with himself at inviting Whitey to dinner. Love it.
  • Brooke is pretty selfless about sending Peyton off with her boyfriend. And considering what happens…. Makes me feel bad for her.
  • Nathan: “Haley, you got that look.” Haley: “What look?” Nathan: “The look you get when you wanna tell me something, but you don’t really want to tell me.” Haley: “No I don’t and you shouldn’t know that look yet.” He probably knows a lot more about you than you realize Miss Haley James. Just so he can KILL ME.
  • Most uncomfortable family meal EVER. I mean, Royal YELLS at Haley. And everyone is coming down on everyone else and lying and spilling secrets. I would have to be so drunk for that.
  • Dan has an honest moment with Nathan and Nathan snaps back at him. Good for him. Dan earned that after everything he put Nathan through.
  • Poor Peyton. I cannot imagine having to identify a body you think might be your loved one. Makes me think of another time that happens and now I think I’ll go cry.
  • “I have to beat him, Haley. it’s the only way I’m ever going to be free of my dad.” Very sad.
  • Worst dinner party ever followed by the most awkward breakfast ever. Haley really is a genius. Skipping that was very smart.

Best Bit: The Leyton hookup is so hot and intense and emotional. And the song is SO good. I kind of love it even though I know it’s wrong.

Ugh! Moment: Every time Royal digs at Keith.

Fave Quote: Royal: “You answer the door in your underwear?”

Biggest Question: Did Royal give Karen money over the years? Was he aware of what his son had done to Karen? Was Karen ok with Royal while being NOT ok with Dan?

On My iPod: “Maybe Tomorrow” by Stereophonics

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5 responses to “Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill: 1×09, 1×10, 1×11 & 1×12

  1. Kaire

    Erin, you hit the nail on the head with all of these recaps! I feel so much of the same things. Haley and Nathan, the morning after they didnt sleep together, i cant even with that scene. Haleys im falling so in love with this boy smile and plop on the pillow and the looks.. she was perfecttt in this scene.. in my mind I like to think that Joy was really vibing on James here hahaha again this first season and episodes are my favorite. Getting to learn these people and this town.. ahh my favorite thing ever!!! TY for this recap and making me smile on this amazing OTH WED!!!

  2. I love reading these old recaps. It makes OTH Wednesday easier! And it’s great to go back and see all of the Naley stuff. I was always such a fan of Lucas and Peyton… but knowing that they won’t be on the show past season 6, you can really get into the Naley aspect of it all. Love it.

  3. Noel Breaux

    Love it! All of it! That Naley moment when he shows up so frail and vulnerable looking…sweet Lord it kills me and gives me butterflies all at the same time. And “Crash Course…” is one of my all time favorite eps. That just rocketed the Leyon/Brucas triangle into a whole other dimension. And that was also the moment I became OBSESSED with Stereophonics. Love love love. That whole ep had my stomach in knots. And, yes, I remember Major Dad too ;).

  4. itskayla1026

    You just get all the feelings out so well when all I can do is just express how I feel about things by saying “jkdfhksfdsjkhg”. The 1×09 scene is one of my favorites, everything you said was spot on. And then the cuddling they were doing in 1×10 nearly had me puking rainbows they were so damn cute, I almost convulsed. There is nothing better than naley scenes, tbh even though the leyton make out was hot too but so wrong because Brooke though. Who knew a damn necklace would be a cockblock (although Stefan used a hollow wall as his cockblock) I swear the guys in tv. Anyway fabulous recaps all in all, they give me nostalgia.

  5. Cill Davis (@cilldavis)

    I know, I know. I’m almost three days late. But better late than never, right? But, I did read these wonderful recaps on OTH Wednesday. 🙂 You succeeded in making my week, yet again. And I definitely needed it this week. You were right about it being a Naley lovefest. My favorite. 🙂 Are you ready for yet another epic novel comment from me?

    1×09! Squeeeeeeeee! This entire episode, I. Cannot. I took up half a page making my own notes on your recap from this episode alone. I can’t help it. Nathan Royal Scott. He walks in like he owns the place. And with that cocky smirk, he is definitely a man on a mission when he spots Haley. “I’ll kiss you later.” I die. Dan is a royal douche canoe. What else is new. Poor Nathan. Thank God for Haley James is all I have to say. I love Lucas and Keith’s relationship. Makes me so happy. Lucas really lucked out. I loved Brucas’ first date! I’m a Brucas shipper. Never liked Leyton for some reason. “My heart’s racing, too. That’s what happens when I’m around you.” I seriously fucking cannot with them. Their tutoring session is beyond squee worthy. “They can watch.” And then Nathan ruins it with his aggressiveness. Sigh. I love how Haley admits “I’ve been kissing Nathan.” Can she be any more adorable? Nope. LMFAO at Mouth referring to Dan as “he-who-won’t-be-named.” Deb claiming she’d stab Dan in his sleep. Yeah, half the town wouldn’t be opposed to that idea. Douche move not to call her AS SOON AS Nathan collapsed. OMFG. One of my all time favorite Naley moments ever. I can quote that entire scene. And the song? I cry like a baby. It’s so much more powerful now that we know that that’s when he fell in love with her. And that’s the first time he allowed himself to be vulnerable with her. “Nothing else matters.” Sqeeeeee for days on end. And then, “Haley, can I stay with you tonight?” This episode was such a milestone for them. Makes my heart melt. As for your question, I have no idea. Considering how angry and aggressive Nathan was beforehand, it doesn’t surprise me that the performance enhancers get in his system so quickly. P.S. I now have Fallen is now stuck in my head.

    1×10 Peyton/Lucas/Brooke triangle. Shipper war that lasts for what, four years? Dun dun dun. Talk about awkward… The scene in Haley’s bedroom. Have I mentioned that I love the Naley bubble? “When you’re ready, I’ll be too.” Nathan Scott be more charming, I dare you. They both are so blissed out and crushed out on each other it makes me squeal into my pillow and kick my feet obnoxiously. Every damn time I watch it, too. I totally missed her foot rub on his back until now! Oh, Haley James. Peyton really is head to to in issues. She makes me sad. LMAO at your packing comment. I hate packing. Too time consuming. Deb definitely oversteps her boundaries by going to Keith. She really needs to pay more attention to her own son though. Also, I know those Open Mic Nite flyers sucked, but here’s a fun fact for you: in real life, Joy actually draws and sketches really well! 🙂 Yes, I’m a major Joy fangirl. We’ve established this… Jake is definitely hot and sexy. He makes an awesome dad, too. How precious is Jenny? GAVIN DEGRAW & the introduction of live music on OTH! DAWW! I can’t with all these feelings. Club Dan with a driver, don’t we all wish. The team at the river court at the end with the girls on the bleachers watching their guys! Daww. I was a total Jeyton shipper, btw. As for your question, Brooke asks Peyton in 1×08 about Lucas. Peyton said she wasn’t ready for a big commitment and wanted to have fun. So Lucas becomes “fair game.”

    1×11 Family counseling with Dan = BBQ fork in the eye. Perfect analogy. LMFAO. Erin, you crack me up! I love the smell of libraries and new/old books. One of my favorite smells actually. Rake boy. Haha. Oh, Lucas. “I think you’re really brave to consider rebuilding who you are.” I fucking can’t with them! Also, The Little Prince is one of my favorite books! 🙂 Naley drunk on the beach and Haley puking on Dan. PRICELESS. It’s nice to really see Haley let loose. Tree Hill? A legit legal system? Good one. “I don’t wanna see you change. I like you. And I like the fact that someone like you sees something in me.” Nathan Royal Scott has my heart. Cue massive SQUEEEEEEE. Nathan giving up basketball. Sigh. Why must Dan be such a douche canoe? And what was the sweet comment Dan made? Must’ve missed it. As for your question. Um, hello, it’s Nathan Scott. He’s the owner’s son. I’m pretty sure he could get almost anything he wanted with that smirk of his.

    1×12 Royal Scott = Royal Pain. I love the relationship between Keith and Whitey and how it seems to annoy Dan and Royal. And poor Brooke! Lucas and Peyton leaving together was just asking for trouble. Also, did you have to point out that Peyton having to identify a body in the morgue is a parallel to Haley having to do the same in 9×08? My endless tears rolling down my face! The conversation with Naley in the kitchen about “That look.” Nathan definitely knows more about her and can read her better than Haley knows. It’s adorable. Disaster family dinner is right. I’m glad that Nathan gives Dan a taste of his own medicine. He deserves it. What a scumbag. “I have to beat him.” Poor Nathan can never catch a damn break. I hate how Royal picks on Keith. Yay for Whitey being there in his corner. As for your question, I’m not sure about Karen and Royal keeping in touch and their relationship. Maybe they didn’t want her to feel completely alone after what Dan did? He may have sent money or letters or something. I have no idea though.

    Erin, these recaps keep Wednesdays as my favorite day of the week! So much nostalgia! Also, I forget what episode, but when they do a flashback to 1×09, they change the song and use a different take. Made me mad. Yes, I have watched it enough to notice a difference. Don’t judge me. Now I’m going back to watching disc 3 of Season 9 so I can sob. Can’t wait for next week’s! 🙂 Keep it up! Hope this comment was worth the wait…

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