Watch Out for Falling Ships

Tonight is TVD finale night and I know that there are a lot of troubled minds out there, whiling away the hours until we know for certain what to stress about all summer long. My only hope for this last hour of season 3 is that the true fans really enjoy it.

Trust me when I say that there is a difference between good TV and TV I want to fall asleep to, watching  over and over and over. Sometimes they are one and the same but that is a rare thing to find. Take Buffy for example. “The Body” and “Hush” are two of the finest hours television has to offer. But neither gives me happy warm feelings that I want to carry with me through my dreams. Bad TV is not TV that upsets me, it’s TV that fails to make me give a crap.

I love that TV invokes such passion in people. In me! In us! I also hate that it becomes something that perpetuates hate and disharmony among those that take it too seriously. Don’t get me wrong, I take my shows very seriously! I just think that it’s important to remember that watching television is a leisure activity. If you are so upset about a show that you are willing to use one of your precious life moments to type out a death threat or a suicide note over a character, coupling or story line, maybe you should stop, take a step back and reevaluate what it is you’re really missing in your life.

I cannot imagine how difficult it is to write a successful television show. The thought of even trying makes my brain hurt. It is a true art form that is sometimes so overlooked. When I see gifted writers and show runners getting hate for the simple fact that people disagree with their art, with their passion, I take personal offence. I reflects poorly on everyone who has taken the time to watch. It’s impossible to please everyone all of the time. It’s also time consuming and exhausting. If your television show has stopped pleasuring you there is something you can do! STOP WATCHING! I know. It sounds really hard. But trust me, SO worth it! Farewell Glee and Gossip Girl!! You left behind sweet memories and less animosity! Thank you!

So, no matter what happens , keep these things in mind as you watch tonight and as you watch any other show you claim to love. Great television is not about warm bunnies tucking you in to bed and there are no ships that will return your dignity once it sails away. Happy viewing!

(dibs on the show about bunnies tucking brats into bed)



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  1. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    haha reading that just makes me real excited for true blood to come back

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