Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill – 1×05, 1×06, 1×07 & 1×08

 Welcome to Week 2 of my Retro Recaps!! Hope y’all are enjoying them! If you would like to see anything different/in addition please let me know in the comments and I will be happy to try to work it in! Happy #OTH Wednesday!

1×05 – “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”

Overview: Dan & Keith join Lucas and Nathan on the court for the Father/Son Basketball game.

Random Observations:

  • I totally forgot that this episode was the first appearance of Peyton’s “People Always Leave,” drawing. DEPRESSING.
  • Nathan is such a cocky little shit. I love it. I can’t help it. It makes me giggle like a 12-year-old. So embarrassing.
  • Karen is so wise. If everyone had a mother like her there would be a lot fewer Dan Scotts in the world.
  • News Flash: Peyton has ISSUES. Poor girl.
  • I wish Keith WOULD have laid Dan out on that garage floor. And then kicked him a few times.
  • PONCHO!!! The wonderful crocheted nightmare that will live in infamy!!
  • Nathan and Haley already have such great chemistry. Even when she’s correcting him and he’s talking about Peyton. It’s just magical.
  • Haley is a LIAR. Just tutoring him MY ASS. I wonder if she is trying to convince Lucas more or herself…
  • I am not trying to make excuses for Nathan (I swear) because here in the beginning he is a real jerk. But everyone around him up until this point is a self-centered ass hole. No one has ever put him first or taken his feeling into account. Is it a huge coincidence that he becomes a better person the minute he has someone to talk to and someone who actually listens to him when he speaks?
  • State Champion Runners Up? Is that even a real thing? And would they really get a banner for that? Haven’t these people seen Top Gun? There are no points for second place.
  • Lucas is such a brat. AmIRight? He has no right to be so nasty to Haley.

Best Bit: Keith telling Nathan that he’s doing fine. Someone ought to once in a while.

Ugh! Moment: Dan’s foul on Nathan. That jerk should be in jail for child abuse. What an ass.

Fave Quote: Peyton: “I don’t really smoke, I just figured since Nathan and I broke up, I got room for a new bad habit.”

Biggest Question: Was Haley already falling for Nathan at this point? “If I break that promise, I’m just as bad as you think he is.”

On My iPod: “I Don’t Want To Be” by Gavin DeGraw

1×06 – “Every Night Is Another Story”

Overview: Lucas & Nathan bond after getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. The girls also bond after getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Random Observations:

  • Lucas has a Discman. So cute. I remember having to lug one of those around. As well as a giant pile of CDs if you didn’t want to listen to the same damn thing over and over.
  • “Love rectangle plus one, whatever that is.” Oh Brooke. But she is right. Nathan totally gave Haley the nod.
  • Hey! There’s Nathan’s future dick teammate as the ref! (I’ll get into that when we hit Season 6).
  • I love the barbs Nathan and Lucas exchange. They really know how to get under each other’s skin. Whitey’s is by far the best though. “I don’t give diddlee-squat about your issues with your daddy or your girlfriends.”
  • “Let’s call you Brooke.” Another iconic Brookism. “Answer the question Brooke!”
  • Thing, Thing 1 and Thing 3 are idiots of the lowest order but they do get the boys in their underwear so I feel I owe them some gratitude.
  • Brotherly bonding is SO AWESOME. Makes me warm all over. You know what is not awesome? That story Nathan tells about Dan kicking him on the pitcher’s mound. Makes me want to cry and then beat Dan to a bloody pulp. Poor kid. No wonder he’s such a bully.
  • Haley’s air drumming in the car is ADORABLE. I just want to squeeze her and put her in my pocket.
  • Is it just me or is it super weird to see Nathan in the Keith Scott Body Shop hoodie?

Best Bit: Nathan and Lucas laughing about Thing 3 because he’s the third.

Ugh! Moment: When Haley sees Brooke & Peyton at school and believes that Brooke was right about her and Peyton not being friends.

Fave Quote: This episode is so full of great lines but I have to go with Haley: “Miles from normal.”

Biggest Question: What did Peyton mean about the golf ball when Haley was siphoning the gas? I don’t get it.

On My iPod: “Blueside” by Rooney and “Headlights” by Dispatch

1×07 – “Life in a Glass House”

Overview: Dan Scott hosts a party for the team and their parents where everyone has a good time right up until everyone ruins it.

Random Observations:

  • The smile that Nathan gives only to Haley is so brilliant it could power an entire country for decades. I JUST LOVE IT!
  • So is Karen refusing to acknowledge Keith’s admission of love or is she sparing him the embarrassment if he only said it because of the booze?
  • Brooke is a meddler. And a lying one at that. What a trouble maker.
  • Haley is a better person than anyone. She doesn’t HAVE to tell Lucas about her feelings for Nathan but she does and then he gives her a hard time about it. She doesn’t have to help Peyton with Lucas but she does, knowing that Lucas wants her.
  • Dan is so skeevy flirting with that bartender. GROSS.
  • Awwww!! They’re cawing!! That makes me think of the finale.
  • LMAO at Whitey picking all the cashews out of the party mix. Brilliant.
  • Brooke is a spiteful brat for making them do it but that kiss between Lucas & Peyton has heat.
  • Dan is such a creeper. First spying on Lucas and Peyton and then on Deb and Karen. Everyone’s nice time is his nightmare.
  • Peyton and Lucas ride the line of hot and awkward. Why is she kissing the outside of his undershirt?
  • Poor, sweet Haley. Seeing her crying on the floor of the café absolutely breaks my heart. So does seeing her turn the lights out on Nathan waiting outside.

Best Bit: Nathan telling Haley that he’s glad she came. He looks like he really means that. AWWWWW!!!!! (I might be clapping).

Ugh! Moment: Brooke telling Haley that Nathan passed around the note she wrote to him. What a bitch!

Fave Quote: Peyton: “Are you being self-deprecating?” Nathan: “Probably. If I knew what that meant.”

Biggest Question: Had Nathan really not opened up the package from Haley before Brooke got to it?

On My iPod: “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 and “Calling All Angels” by Train

1×08 – “The Search for Something More”

Random Observations: Brooke tries to get back on everyone’s good side by setting Nathan and Haley up on a date and taking Peyton to a party.

  • Peyton and Brooke’s new tops are so skanky. And they both look really hot in them.
  • Nathan and Haley both throw some pretty great lines at Brooke but Haley’s wins. Brooke: “What’s your idea of your perfect date?” Haley: “You getting hit by a bus.”
  • What is wrong with Peyton? That guy is so skuzzy looking. Not at all hot and hiding out in his very own corner of creepy. She is so damaged. (In all fairness, I’m very glad no one recorded or live blogged my high school years).
  • Poor Haley. She never had any hope of denying that boy. Just look at the way they look at each other. She tries so hard not to return that grin. I DIE.
  • I know they’re all worried about getting into trouble but I think not taking Peyton to the hospital was on the highest level of stupid.
  • Not gonna lie, I have read some super dirty fanfic involving that nighty Nathan buys for Haley. Kind of ballsy for a first date, no?
  • He is so heart breakingly honest with her when the two of them are alone. Like he just can’t help himself. He’s so starved for someone to really hear him. Such a beautiful thing.
  • “Macaroni and cheese is food of the gods.” This once sentence about food should not give me so many feelings.
  • Cue music. Cue fireworks. Call action. BEST KISS EVER!!!!! I have seen this a billion times and still there is an unhealthy amount of clapping and cheering going on in my living room. I bet my neighbors think i have a social disorder. SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
  • I love finally getting to see this side of Brooke. Sweet and funny. It makes it easier to see why others adore her.
  • That little hair tuck. Lord have mercy.
  • GO KAREN! About time. You know Keith is going to think about nothing but that kiss the entire time she’s gone.
  • Excuse me while I go back and watch that kiss a few hundred more times. Come on. You know you will do the same.

Best Bit: Not when Nathan kisses Haley but when she kisses him back. Seriously epic. Like in an OH EM GEE, LIFE CHANGING kind of way. (BTW, the alternate shots of this kiss in 8×18 are pure gold).

Ugh! Moment: When Nathan refuses to admit to his buddies that he’s on a date with Haley. Dick move dude. I really hate it when he lets his inner Dan show.

Fave Quote: Haley: “You shouldn’t have done that Nathan.”

Biggest Question: Didn’t Brooke pass out in Nathan’s room? How did she wake up in Peyton’s bed?

On My iPod: “Dare You To Move” by Switchfoot



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6 responses to “Retro Recaps: One Tree Hill – 1×05, 1×06, 1×07 & 1×08

  1. Kaire

    These are some of my favorite episodes, because its all new and we’re getting to know who these people are and how they operate. I love the feeling of knowing the charectors and all thier history. I miss that more than anything! It was so fun waiting to see what was gonna happen and watching these first few episodes is such a time warp. Whoever would have thought it would last 187 episodes! So blessed as fans!! I think the Naley chemistry was automatic and always so epic. I really doubt any other actors would have been able to play them so well. James and Joy are just perfecttt!! Nathan teetered back and forth with good vs evil but Haley really made him his best self! His smile to her only , as you point out, is the most beautiful thing. Dans such and ass, I try to rem. he saves our bb’s so many times in the future but for this time frame.. ughh #bastard!! I really miss Peyton and Lucas in the later years when i watch these first episodes. Guess I blocked that out so my heart wouldnt shatter season 7! Safe to say it worked then but not now! HAHA Brooke what a awful bitch she was, but she redeemed herself with the date! Will always love BDavis for that! haha Cant wait till next weeks recaps!

  2. Noel Breaux

    OH MY GOD I thought I was the only one who noticed the ref! Haha thank goodness you noticed it too. We are totally sharing the same OTH brain because I too have NO idea what Peyton meant with golfball joke. Googled and everything. Came up with nada. Still haunts me to this day. This group of eps are my favorites from Season 1. Especially 1×08 because that was when the axis shifted and EVERYONE’S life a relationships shifted. It was amazing. Ugh. My heart.

  3. ruthhcchen

    So I’ve re-watched almost all of season 1 in the past month…and i think these 4 episodes are what really made the show. It showed us everything about who these characters were and who they had the potential of becoming. Some quick thoughts:
    – Naley’s flirting is on a whole other level from everyone else…it’s so cutesy and natural for them
    – upon my re-watch, i realized that I never really liked Lucas, nor do i dislike him…I’m just totally indifferent towards him.
    – so glad the caw-ing made a reappearance in the finale…totally forgot it was used this season too.
    – i LOVED re-living the fashion of the 2000’s…thank you Peyton and Brooke for reminding me that acceptable high school in 2003 was never acceptable in the first place…
    -the kiss from 1×08 is basically the definition of a seismic shift…nothing else has been THAT life-changing and earth-shaking-ly perfect. Talk about capturing the moment…

  4. Lee

    To answer your questions:
    -The golfball is also slang for jerking off etc. Couple that with what Haley was doing to siphon the gas….you get the pic.
    – Brooke did pass out somewhere in the Scott house and we see that Nathan found her on the floor. I assumed that he drove her to Peyton’s and passed her off to Peyton to take care of.

  5. Cill Davis @cilldavis

    Erin! I am crying, so hard! Along with laughing, squealing, and clapping. These episodes are definitely some of my favorites! 1×08 at the top of the list for obvious reasons. Are you ready for this?

    1×05 – Father/Son Charity Game! Poor Peyton. People always leave. I never really cared for her but I hate how everyone assumes that her attitude has to do with her breaking up with Nathan. No one really cares what’s really going on except for Lucas and Whitey. Oh, God Bless Whitey. Nathan may be a cocky SOB, but that’s part of his charm. I find his cockiness to he incredibly sexy. He makes me giddy, too. Haley and her poncho! Dude! Now I’m replaying 3×13 in my head when Nathan remembers things. Daww. Karen is indeed the best mom on the show. Second only to Haley in later seasons. Lucas is an asshat. He really is. Haley doesn’t give him shit for the girls that he’s into. Nice Top Gun reference, btw. Dan is what do you say, a douche canoe? But I’m glad that Keith puts him in his place if only with his words. I would’ve loved to see THAT Scott brother showdown. And OMFG. Dan should be embarrassed of himself. His foul on Nathan? Wtf, man. IT’S JUST A GAME. I’m glad that Nathan and Lucas work together after that though. Poor Nathan. The fact that Keith tells him that he’s doing just fine warms my heart. He deserves some encouragement.And to answer your question, I do believe that Haley was already falling for Nathan at this point. Even if she wasn’t ready to admit it to herself yet. When she tells Lucas that she’s JUST tutoring him, she’s trying to convince herself and Lucas that that’s all it is. ONE MORE THING. The opening to I Don’t Wanna Be is absolutely perfect for this episode.

    1×06 Pickering Hicks! This episode is another milestone for the show and our favorite teens. Lucas with his discman! I still have one of those. I’m too poor to buy an iPod and have multiple CD cases. I’m pretty sure that THIS is the episode that they flashback to in the finale for Brooke and Haley. Daww. Nathan definitely gives her the nod and his signature smirk. And the way she raises her eyebrows and scrunches her nose when he looks and nods at her?! I die. Oh, Brooke. Such an iconic episode for her. Rectangle plus one. LMFAO. Lucas and Nathan. Boy do they know how to get under each other’s skin and push each other’s buttons. Also, havent you noticed that OTH likes to reuse some guest stars or extras as different characters throughout the seasons? Example 1, douchebag cop from season 9. I’m guessing the jerk teammate you’re referring to is Devon? I love this episode for Brooke, Haley, and Peyton. “Yeah, I don’t like that name. Let’s call you Brooke.” Nathan and Lucas with Thing, Thing 1 and Thing 3. LMFAO. I hate them, but I’ll never complain when a shirtless Nathan Scott is involved. Never ever. Btw, is it just me or did the guy who played Thing also play Val on Disney Channel’s original movie, Brink? I love the Peyton and Haley bonding. And Brooke. “I hear birds.” “Answer the question, Brooke.” Peyton makes Haley realize that she shouldn’t let Lucas keep her from going after who she wants. She has to live her own life. And the siphoning gas scene? Priceless. I would answer your question about the golf ball, but Kianna already did that. 😛 Miles from normal is right. I love the brotherly bonding. Dan is the biggest asshat. But rewatching these episodes gives me mixed emotions because I know how the rest of the series plays out. Meh. That story about Dan kicking Nathan on the pitcher’s mound breaks my heart! And Nathan wearing the Keith Body Shop hoodie is strange. I hate the look on Haley’s face when they’re at school the next day is so sad. 😦 Also, James Lafferty’s laugh is music to my ears. Sigh.

    1×07 Basketball Crowd Party at the Scott house. Nathan’s smile for Haley. I just can’t. And the Naley flirting is so effortless for them! Which is why I squeal every time I see them on my TV. Brooke is such a bitch in this episode! Just, ugh. And Haley deserves all the awards, ever. Even knowing how Lucas is going to react, she feels the need to be honest with him about how she feels about Nathan. And she fully supports him and Peyton. This is why I don’t like Lucas and why his being a jerk really irks me to no end. He should trust Haley’s judgement. Btw, the bartender in this episode is also the girl that Nathan makes out with in the pilot while he’s driving the stolen school bus. Caaaaw! The feelings. Brooke is such a bitch! Why ruin Naley?! You can so tell how happy they were to see each other outside of school and tutoring, too. “I’m glad you came.” My heart. Dan is and always will be the biggest creeper in my book. He hates that those he hates are actually happy. His worst nightmare. I never really cared for Lucas and Peyton. Btw, She Will Be Loved is and will always be connected to 1×22 and Nathan’s proposal. Naley. The feelings. Daww. I hate how Haley won’t hear Nathan out. Her crying by herself at the cafe breaks my heart. Joy crying = me crying. I love and miss the Laley friendship though. And to answer your question, I honestly don’t think that Nathan opened up the box of tricks that Haley gave him before Brooke found it. He may have called her to come if he had. And Haley turning the light out on him when he comes to apologize? Poor Nathan! One more thing. I think that Karen brushes off Keith’s I love you because she’s afraid to admit her own feelings. And he was a bit tipsy.

    1×08 – Naley’s REAL beginning! I could probably write a page about how much I love and adore this episode in its entirety. Seriously. Answer to your question: I do believe that Brooke fell asleep on Nathan’s couch. He probably just called Peyton to come get her or drove her over there himself. Brooke and Peyton do make skanky look hot. “Skeezy in the jungle vibe.” LMFAO. Haley and her one liners. I can’t. “What’s your idea of a perfect date?” “Watching you get hit by a bus.” Bahaha. As for Peyton, I kind of excuse her bad decision to talk to the sketchy dude because of how big of a mess she’s been. She didn’t know what he’d do. Like she said, she’s more into the music not the uniform. Naley’s first date! I. Can’t. I love how vulnerable Nathan lets himself be when he’s with Haley. He finally found someone to talk to that would listen. (Sorry, I’m quoting 3×09, can’t help it.) And, their smiles are infectious! It’s like they KNOW that them being together is right. I REALLY WANT TO FIND THAT FANFIC, DAMNIT. And Erin, it’s Nathan Scott. When is he not afraid to take risks? 😉 Macaroni and cheese is indeed the food of the gods. My favorite comfort food. 1×08 gives me so many feelings thanks to all the flashbacks in 9×13! Ugh. Brooke Davis is a great friend. She just is a lot like Nathan. She hides behind an image, afraid to let others really see her. I love how we really get to see her in this episode. And my Brucas feelings are returning. Damnit. Karen does have good instincts. I miss Keith and Karen! NALEY’S FIRST KISS! AHHHH! Can I also point out that the screen cap that you used for this episode is also the exact moment that my TV is paused at right now?! We think alike, Erin. We really do. I have that entire scene memorized. And quote it when I watch it. I’m so glad that I’m home and can squeal at my tv as clap obnoxiously without getting bitched at. Lol. Dare You To Move is my text message tone, btw. Makes me giddy. “You shouldn’t have done that Nathan.” Bitch, please. He should have done that five episodes ago… I agree though, my favorite part is when Haley literally THROWS HERSELF AT HIM. I love how that happens right when the chorus starts. PERFECTION. This song. The feelings. The true beginning of the epic romance. Also, I love the new angles in 8×18’s flashback! This kiss is amazing from any angle, honestly. There is and never will be a more earth shattering perfect first kiss than Naley. ❤ They make us all believe in true love. James and Joy's chemistry really is lightning in a bottle.

    I hope this comment makes your day and makes you smile! Rewatching all these episodes and reading your recaps really is the highlight of my week. You have no idea how greatly I appreciated and needed this yesterday! I can't wait til next week! 1×09! Eek! I'm retreating back into my Naley bubble. Keep up the good work, Erin! 🙂

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