Thoughts on Game of Thrones 2×05 – The Ghost of Harrenhal

I’m not sure anything this week will be able to shock  and confuse me more than last week’s LOST smoke monster flying out of that woman’s vag but, this is GoT so it’s not impossible. More teenagers breastfeeding perhaps? Dear lord.

  • So the smoke monster is actually looking more like The Mummy. It can stab people? Great. RIP Renly. And his 2 idiot guards.
  • The neck of Margaery’s dress looks like a cup. I kinda want to see what would happen if someone filled it with water.
  • Stannis doesn’t care about the vagina monster. I have a feeling that will come back to bite him in the arse. And I will laugh.
  • Demon monkey. Laughing FOREVER. Poor Tyrion.
  • Theon is such a pantywaist. I wanna kick him in the box.
  • Little Arya Stark has bigger cojones than 90% of the male population of Westeros. Right? Love her.
  • Jon Snow!!! Nice to see his face. ALWAYS nice to see his face. They really shouldn’t give us whole episodes without his face. Quite rude.
  • Bronn is quickly climbing my list of favorites. The guy is hilarious.
  • Was that Warlock guy in Qarth one of Buffy’s Gentlemen? Yikes! Eat a sandwich dude. Stay in the shade.
  • Did that chick buy her mask at Zed’s little shop of horrors? Is she the sister of The Gimp?
  • CHEERING OUT LOUD! FIST  PUMPING!!! Loving this Catelyn and Brienne team!!
  • I don’t think I entirely understand what is going on North of the wall. Can anyone explain this to me? I feel dumb.
  • Why hello dirty, shirtless Gendry. HELLO.

This episode felt kind of slow to me. And I have a billion questions (other than the one about North of the wall. Seriously confused about that). Who are the other 2 people Arya will tell that soldier to kill? If Tyrion thinks using the wildfire is a bad idea, why does he want them to keep making it for him? What will the vagina monster do next?



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4 responses to “Thoughts on Game of Thrones 2×05 – The Ghost of Harrenhal

  1. Jamie

    lmfao @ vagina monster. Apparently the Vagina Monster was supposed to be like Stannis’ shadow or some ish..idk. Arya is simply amazing, and I know I said this before, but the show doesn’t do all the justice for the characters as they are in the books…book!Arya is way more awesome! I hate Theon so freaking much! I can’t even comment on the 2 other people Arya will say because they’ve already changed it from the book by having it be the Tickler. He wasn’t one of the 3 she named in the books.

  2. cassandrapuddlemere

    North of the wall are the Wildlings, basically they are free people, who choose to either follow the king or not. Their choice with no consequence, they can even tell the king to go shit in a hat if they want.
    Also north of the wall are “the others” also called white walkers (dudes with the blue glow-y eyes). they kill all in their path and those they kill become reanimated (they are called whytes) and the walkers can command the zombis to kill the living. Most of westeros believes them to be a myth or extinct, but the wildlings believe they have returned.

    So the nights watch has noticed the wildlings are disappearing and they want to know why, which is the point of their expedition, other than to find Jon Snows uncle. What they find you will soon discover.

    any other questions, you know where to find me

  3. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    yup erin all i can say is you gotta read the books for this one! feel free to borrow mine if you’d like… let me know 🙂

  4. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    oh btw jon snow is the tastiest bastard i ever saw

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