The Vampire Diaries: Recap: Do Not Go Gentle

Well TVD fans!! It’s a brand new week! My unicorns are hoping for an excuse to crawl out of their mud puddles. Though, the way this season has been going, they’ve pretty much set up residence in them and are even having their mail forwarded. The great news is that it’s time for another Decade Dance! And for one of my very favorite decades. I’m thirsty for moonshine just thinking about it. These always go really well with hardly any trouble so it should be a nice, light hearted evening for our favorite Mystic Falls inhabitants. Girls, don your knee length pearls and move your gams! Boys grab your dames! It’s Vampire Diaries time!

  • Klaus is ready to fly the coop. I want to guess that he has plans to take Elena with him when he goes? And Rebekah is still Esther, right? And Esther as Rebekah has access to all of the things that Beks wants? Like to go to a dance? Clearly I have a lot of questions.
  • Aaaaaaand Alaric is evil. Rebekah is staked and Esther is back in her annoying body. This is just great.
  • TEAM Caroline!! “Stefan is your epic love.” Just one of the many reasons that Caroline is THE BEST. Also, I absolutely love it when she resorts to her usually bossy self. Dance committee Caroline is another reason she is THE BEST.
  • How adorable is it that Elena is nervous to ask Stefan to the dance? I mean, they’ve boned like dozens of times and she still has first crush reactions. LOVE IT.
  • These magic rules are confusing. Is there a Cliffs Notes for all the grimoires?
  • Elena looks stunning. And Stefan. Lord help me. That suit may very well be the death of me.
  • I AM SMILING SO MUCH MY FACE HURTS!!! And I think my unicorns are officially toweling off.
  • An indestructible stake. OF COURSE. Why didn’t I think of that?
  • Wow. Matty and Ty look amazing as well. Can it be 1920 in Mystic Falls FOREVER?
  • Good luck to Tyler. I am glad he has decided to stop being douchey jealous guy. Caroline looks like she’s glad about that too.
  • Oh man you guys. Not sure I can take a whole lot of this. EVEN THOUGH I LOVE IT! I have become bitter and hardened over the last few months and I know that if I let the facade crack, the rug will just wind up getting pulled from under me. And then I’ll wind up on my ass in a mud puddle, crying glitter with my buddies.
  • There is spinning and dipping. I am going to die.
  • I love Jer and I love Alaric but what other options is there? TVD is the leading manufacturer of Rocks and Hard Places.
  • I like Jamie. He’s sexy and has a nice smile and is sweet to Bonnie. Also, her circle of “friends” doesn’t seem to scare him off so that’s a plus.
  • ESTHER!!! DIE A BILLION TIMES YOU SLUNT FROM HELL! (I don’t really care for her or her antics)
  • “I don’t have to prove anything Love! I am the alpha male!” Klaus is a BAMF. Sorry Tyler. You’re great and I hope we can still be friends. But……
  • Caroline!! Let him show you!!! There is so much to see!!!
  • Stefan is so smart. I fancy him.
  • OH MY GOD! Is Alaric a vampire?
  • Oh Bonnie don’t whine. No one misses Abby, including you and you know it.
  • Stefan seems so much like his old self here. I miss this guy. As much as I love the Ripper, this will always be the vampire I fell in love with.
  • Tyler: The newest member of the Martyr Club. I hope he gets his commemorative pin.
  • Jer and Matty to the rescue!!! Or not. CRAP.
  • OH CRAP.
  • Alaric. Oh no. No, no, no. This is terrible. Jer. And Elena. They were a family. Serious ugly crying right now. Everyone is there. HUG ME!!!!
  • You know it must be grim when even Matt and Jeremy’s bromance + shots isn’t cheering me up.
  • “You have me.” I CAN NOT. Why oh why does this damn show insist on hurting me??? I want to stab it and choke it and then buy it flowers and candy.
  • Poor Damon is about to lose his bestie. That is very sad. I can’t handle the thought that we’ve seen the last of Blood & Beer. Their relationship is too precious.
  • Alaric is crying? WTF? This is so mean!!!
  • And now Damon too? EFF THIS ISH.
  • OMG!!!!  OMG!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!!

Well, the title of this episode suddenly makes more sense. While I am glad that we haven’t really lost him, I know that being a vampire is something that the real Alaric would never want. I have a feeling that the next two episodes will hold a great deal of pain for everyone involved. Mostly me, of course (it’s always about me).

What are you all the most frightened to see happen?





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5 responses to “The Vampire Diaries: Recap: Do Not Go Gentle

  1. I CAN COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I won’t actually be doing until after the SBH post but I can do it now!!!

  2. Kaire

    Erin, I like your recaps better than I like the show #shhdonttelltheubberfans! haha Nah truth is I just love your expression and passion for your work! Great job!

  3. I love your recaps Erin! 🙂 The Klaus/Caroline scene killed me! He speaks the truth. Sigh.

  4. I still have no words after my second viewing. AMAZING is the only thing that comes to my mind. I think I just might cry myself to sleep because of this show. So many emotions, but I am super happy that you’re unicorns are out of the mud and sprinkling their glitter everywhere, for now at least. I just love reading this, great recap!

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