My Interview: Carina MacKenzie – The One Tree Hill Edition

Not ready to quit those OTH articles just yet?

As promised! I had a chance to chat with my favorite journalist, the very sweet Carina MacKenzie of Zap2It about all things One Tree Hill. Now that the very last episode has come and gone, I am happy to share with you her thoughts on the show.

When you’re done here, check out my last interview with Carina where she talked to me a bit about One Tree Hill and a lot about some other great TV.

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Are you pleased with the way this final season left everything? Were there parts of the finale you loved more than others? Parts you hated?

I didn’t care for the stuff with the twinterns, but otherwise I liked the finale. One Tree Hill is famous for those musical codas they stick at the end of episodes, where we check in on each character and get a little post-game recap for the week. The finale was essentially an hour-long coda. There was hardly any plot to speak of, just moment after moment. It worked for this show.

A lot of fans were pretty happy with the way Season 8 ended and were wary about a Season 9. For you, good choice or bad?

Great choice. Otherwise we wouldn’t have ever met Logan, and come on. The world would be a cold dead place.

What was your favorite story line of this last season and why?

Julian’s baby-in-the-car story. So powerful. First of all, I was thrilled to see Austin have so much material to work with. Not only is he an immensely underrated actor, but he’s one of the single nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering in my professional life. That dude is just top notch. Second of all, I think what “OTH” does best is exploring real, honest human failures. Kidnappings and psychos and fugue states and tasers are all fun. But none of that can compare to the look on Julian’s face when he realized he’d left his kid in that car. If anyone hasn’t read this Pulitzer-winning article on the tragic phenomenon, please do: Find the Award Winning article here.

In one of our previous interviews you mentioned that it was a dream of yours to do a set visit in Wilmington and you finally got to do that last year while they filmed season 9. Was the experience all that you hoped it would be?

Yes, it was fantastic. I had a blast on set with the cast and Warner Bros really took care of us. When work was over, Sophia and I went out and she gave me a nice little taste of Wilmington. I really hope I can go back sometime in the future, whether to cover the show or just to get a little small town time to myself.

What was your favorite episode of the series?

“A Crash Course in Polite Conversation.”

[Season 1, Episode 12]

Do you have a least favorite episode or story line?

Eh, I hate Felix. Mark Schwahn told me that Felix was pretty much his only One Tree Hill regret — the network pushed for new characters, and they didn’t end up fitting into that world — so at least Schwahn and I are on the same page there.

Favorite character?

Brooke Davis, by FAR. I wrote up a whole thing about it last night, so I won’t do it again, but here it is, if you want to read:

What from OTH made you laugh the most? Cry the hardest?

I laughed the most when Nathan was hilarious. His little performance in the Season 8 finale was pretty spectacular. I cried every time Brooke cried. (That has extended into me crying every time Sophia cries, too. It’s basically Pavlovian.)

You have had a lot of fandom experiences. How has your experience been with the OTH Family over the years?

To be fair, I’ve only really interacted with One Tree Hill fans for two years since I started covering the show for Zap2it; otherwise I wasn’t aware or involved with the online fandom. Everyone’s been nice. There’s a disappointing tendency to pit female characters against each other — there seems to be a bizarre Brooke vs. Haley tug of war in the fandom — but I ignore that.

What will you miss the most about the show now that One Tree Hill is finished?

So much. It’s 1:30 AM in LA right now, and I just exchanged emails with Mark Schwahn — he’s in North Carolina, up late on a night shoot for his new pilot, Shelter. I told him that the One Tree Hill finale was unique, to me, because as proud as I was of the characters, the finale also made me proud of myself. As all the characters looked back at themselves as kids, I felt like I was doing the same — reflecting on who I was nine years ago and being proud of her and proud of how far I’ve come from her. That’s what One Tree Hill has always done — it’s been a reflection of its audience. It’s represented that burning hope of youth and all the tiny failures of adulthood. One Tree Hill was painfully earnest; it wore its heart on its sleeve. It wasn’t subtle and it didn’t try to be a metaphor for some greater message. It was just One Tree Hill.

HUGE Thanks to Carina for answering all of my questions. AGAIN. 

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2 responses to “My Interview: Carina MacKenzie – The One Tree Hill Edition

  1. Nat.

    i don’t like carina very much, because she only sees sophia and okay, i love brooke to death, but TH is a family and not only sophia. with that said, i’m happy she got to cover oth and stuff, cause we didn’t have media w/ this show. and YOU are my fave person to cover oth erin, just saying.

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