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Happy Thursday!! I wish I was coming to you today with great news of equality and fair treatment. What a great day that might be!! Not today though.

My friend Kate, through her Morning Coffee post, brought this gem to my attention (read all of what she posts, the lady is a CHAMP): An article on how not only human rights are being stomped on but Women’s rights specifically. Read it here:

Moving on to less serious but also detrimental things:

I hope that all of you were able to see The Hunger Games over the last 10 days! And I hope that you all read the books before you saw the movie!! I started the books as soon as they came out and waited a year between each one and then waited AGAIN for this movie. I was not disappointed. You can read my initial review here. I say initial because I have every intention of seeing it again 200 times.

There are a few that do not feel that the movie was done properly.

From Jezebel: “Racist Hunger Games Fans Are Very Disappointed”

and from Slate: “Jennifer Lawrence Is Not ‘Too Big’ To Play Katniss”

The movie has done VERY well as far as $$$ go. I love that a movie that has a strong, smart, female, protagonist, is the movie that is bringing in the big money. Katniss is the kind of girl that women of today and tomorrow should look up to. She has morals. She cares about her family, she fights for them and risks everything for them. Not for a boy. But for her baby sister. She is tough but she is also incredibly kind. She is also VERY smart and is not afraid to be herself. This girl is a role model if ever there was one.

And still, there are haters trying to tarnish this experience! By making racist remarks about her dear friend Rue and by claiming that the wonderful and extremely talented Jennifer Lawrence is too “fat,” to BE Katniss.

To all of the haters, I say: Piss off! Educate yourselves AND go read the books. If you can read at all.

This week also marks the final days leading up to the very last One Tree Hill. Ever.  I didn’t start watching this show until late last year but I have been able to cover it for for its 9th season and I have had a BLAST doing it. These last few days will be very emotional for me as I say goodbye to the show, to the experience and to all of the fans that have followed me throughout my time within their world. Letting go is going to be rough. More to come on THAT situation later.

Until then…



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