My Interview: Supernatural’s SuperWiki

Greetings Supernatural fans!! As most of you probably know, SuperWiki is THE place to find everything you need to know about our favorite show! (Be sure to follow them on Twitter @SuperWiki) Last year I had the privilege of interviewing Jules (@missyjack), the main SuperWiki site administrator. She agreed to talk to me again this year about our current season of Supernatural.


Let’s get right to it, how do you feel about Season 7 so far? Love it, hate it or waiting to see?

Love, love, love it! I like that the writers again have taken a movie genre for inspiration as it gives a whole other layer to enjoying the show. Last season it was noir film which gave us a season full of twists and misdirects, uncertainty and paranoia. As a viewer, I was constantly on the edge of my seat holding my breath,waiting for yet another shocking reveal .

This season – B movies  and its hands in the air and screaming as we go on a wild rollercoaster ride. Killer clowns and evil doppelgangers, love-crazed fangirls and amazon offspring, sinister sandwiches and serial killing childhood sweethearts. Not to forget farting unicorns and cupcakes full of tiny beating hearts!  All And the leviathans – all sharp suits and strategy hiding the horrible creatures within.  In the time of Occupy Wall Street and election primaries, they are certainly monsters for the zeitgeist.

The show continues its enthralling exploration of Sam and Dean. Each season we wonder – what next? We were warned that this season they’d lose everything and they have with Cas, Bobby, even the Impala all gone.  They’ve lost all their resources – both external help and friends and internal emotional and psychological resources.  We’ve really seen their relationship continue to evolve into a new space,  one which is I think a much happier and less anxious one than its ever been.


How do you feel about the balance of episodes this season? Funny vs. Serious and Stand Alones vs. Storyline?

I think it’s been great. The character arcs have been quite dark, but balanced by the gleeful gore and the funny episodes. The leviathan arc has moved along, although it has been more just part of the background to date. It reminds me of season 5, where we had the season start with a bang with Lucifer’s arrival, and but then the first half of the season focussed more on the boys’ relationship, until WHAM “Abandon All Hope” came along and shit got real  (a bit of a mirror to Death’s Door this season), and then we had the mytharc mesh with the character arcs and then really move into full speed in the third act of the season.


Do you have a favorite episode of Season 7 so far? If so, what is it?

You know I hate picking favorites! Okay it’s a close call with Death’s Door but I’ll say Slash Fiction. I mean evil Leviathan Sam and Dean were magnificent, plus we had the wonderful interaction between Bobby and Jody Mills, as well as meeting Frank. To top it off, famous author S.E. Hinton is an extra who gets gunned down in the diner!

Most of all though I loved the film references – Natural Born Killers, Pulp Fiction, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith – which  compared  Sam and Dean to some other famous killing couples. (You can see a side by side comparison of the scenes here


Do you have a favorite moment of the season that may or may not be in that favorite episode?

I can narrow this down to ten!

  1. Castiel visits Crowley, who’s living in a trailer, with “These Boots Are Made For Walking” playing in “Meet The New Boss”.
  2. Dean and Sam in the warehouse in “Hello Cruel World” as Dean tries to help Sam distinguish his hallucinations from reality.
  3. The scene between Jo and Dean in the apartment in “Defending Your Life”
  4. The cupcakes with their tiny beating hearts in “Shut Up, Doctor Phil”
  5. Becky holding pantsless Sam captive and explaining that “The only place people understood me was on the message boards. They were grumpy and overly literal but at least we shared a common passion.” Truer words were never spoken!
  6. Dean stoned after his turducken slammer in “How to Win Friends And Influence Monsters”
  7. The scene where Sam finds the note Dean has left for him from 60 years in the past in “Time After Time”.
  8. Bobby’s favourite memory, the last in his fading mind in Death’s Door, which is a night of junk food and DVDs with his boys.
  9. The unicorn farting a rainbow.
  10. All the Lucifer and Sam scenes in “Repo Man”


We have all been continually devastated by Bobby’s death. Do you feel that the writers handled it the right way? Do you think we’ll ever see him back?

I think Death’s Door is an extraordinary episode. In a  just world it would be an Emmy award winning episode for everything from Sera’s script to Serge Ladoceaur’s lighting and Jim Beaver’s acting. It captures grief from the point of view of the person dying in an incredibly moving way.

I love the structure of it, and our journey through Bobby’s mind, is both illuminating and moving. It brilliantly picks up so many threads of Bobby and Sam and Dean’s history and weaves them together, while at the same time maintaining the tension of whether Bobby will live or die. Plus I love Rufus.

The final scenes are really quite simple, and that’s why they are so sad.


I think there is still the hint that Bobby the ghost may be around – we’ll have to wait and see!


We are getting closer and closer to Sam’s promised break down. How do you think Dean will handle it? Anything you are hoping to see from this storyline?

Not well! Dean has lost so much this season and really Sam is all he has at this point. His other relationships are gone; his own internal resources depleted.  Sam is all that’s really keeping him going. I have compared Dean to Sisyphus.  Sisyphus  as a man who defied the gods, and chained death. (Sound like anyone we know?) As punishment, he was condemned to perform the endless task of pushing a boulder up a hill, only to see it roll down again. Rinse. Repeat.

That’s what Dean and Sam do – they keep on hunting and trying to save people and dealing with family business. Again and again and again. They can’t escape to a normal life. They can’t escape through death. The monsters keep coming. Sam and Dean will argue by the Impala next to a lake. And they’ll push and pull at themselves and each other and move on again.

The philosopher Camus uses the legend of  Sisyphus to explain the idea of the absurd hero. Camus defined the absurd as the conflict between our drive to find meaning and purpose in a world that was inherently devoid of authentic truths, or God. The tragedy occurs – according to Camus – when Sisyphus acknowledges the hopelessness of his task.   But then Camus says if he can embrace this “The struggle itself…is enough to fill a man’s heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy.”

I think we saw that at the end of “Adventures In Babysitting”, where Dean manages that smile through his pain. I think that was genuine – in that moment he was on the road with some music on and Sam by his side and really that’s Dean’s definition of happiness.

If Sam loses his mind, that’s Sam gone in a way and I really don’t know how he’ll manage.  Of course he will do all he can to save Sam, but I expect some dark moments ahead.


Supernatural has a history of providing an amazing classic rock soundtrack. Are there any songs you can think of that should be on the show but haven’t been yet?

Well Zeppelin obviously. Sam and Dean need to get stoned and argue about the meaning of Stairway to Heaven.  I think anything by The Doors would be perfect, and let’s face it both Bob Seger and John Fogerty make great sing-a-long road tripping songs!

But really, we need Metallica. Enter Sandman, Some Kind of Monster, Fade to Black, Nothing Else Matters…hell James Hetfield humming his grocery list!


Everyone in the fandom is thinking about Season 8 now as renewal time approaches. Do you think Sam and Dean have another year of torture in them? What would you like to see if we get that Season 8?

I am pretty confident about the show getting an eighth season and I am sure the writers will find new and imaginative ways to torture both Sam and Dean  – as well as us.  The only thing I really want to see are the Winchesters back in the Impala!


Anything you’d like to say to the Supernatural fandom as we get ready to watch the last run of episodes in Season 7?

Rewatch all of Season 7 to date, then sit back and enjoy the ride!


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  1. Michèle

    Wow, this was really awesome! Great questions, great answers!

    I cannot hope to match such eloquence, so I will simply say ditto to everything.

    And yes, we need Metallica! I was so hoping we’d get Four Horsemen in season 5! (Damn you, budget cuts!)

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