Tivo for Life


It’s one of my favorite sounds in the universe. Missed something? Bloop-bloop! Need to record & save something? Bloop-bloop. Want to fast forward through some crap?  Bloop-bloop!

Crazy as it sounds, Tivo has changed me. I tried having a cable company DVR once. There was no bloop-bloop. I NEED the bloop-bloop.

The biggest problem though, is that I cannot bloop-bloop my life. I cannot rewind. I cannot pause, I cannot record and save for later. And as much as I want to, life just keeps happening!! And I am missing things! I am not being the sister/friend/lady that I know I can be because I am depending too much on that non existent remote control!

Friends need contacting, dishes need done, plans need to be made. I get so overwhelmed! So I bloop-bloop in my head. Only, no one knows when I do that or why or for how long. Along with the bloop-bloop I need the “save until I delete” button. I’ll get to that call, that response, that email, that opportunity, when I feel I am most up to it! Now is NOT the time!! But I want to save it for later!! I want to be better, be thinner, smarter, have read more books! SO… PAUSE.. until I have all of that done!! And then, once I feel like I am caught up, look good, have something wise to say, life may resume.



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One response to “Tivo for Life

  1. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    dude i LOVE the bloop-bloop! can’t live without it…

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