Flying Machine

I am a traveling fool these days!! I’ve been back from NYC for 2 days and am now taking off for Pensacola, Florida!!

While it will not provide the amazements that New York had so readily available ( I will tell you all about my experience at The Met some day soon) I do get to witness some Navy stuff, some road trip stuff and some HOME stuff!! Can’t wait to share it all with you!!

I promised a good friend that I would do a daily travel diary so, even if I post BLAH BLAH HAY BALE ART BLAH you can count on daily posts from yours truly for at least the next 11 days!! Aren’t you so excited?

You should know, traveling with my sister, Stacey, is an art form. We have been taking road trips together for more than 12 years. I wish I was kidding. Yes. I am that old. Usually we have the same music but since we have been living apart for the last few years, I will be proposing the Winchester Way: “Driver picks the music, Shotgun shuts his cake hole.”

I hope to provide some playlists from the road but since I am flying today I will give you the three songs I cannot get out of my head. Hope you enjoy all the jams!! Chat with y’all later!:




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2 responses to “Flying Machine

  1. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    Have a great time!!!

  2. Wicks

    Love it!!! Can’t wait to hear more! Sorry to say – we’ve all voted to kidnap your husband … You may come home to an empty house!!

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