A Supernatural Talent

I recently spent some time re-watching older episodes of Supernatural that I hadn’t seen in a few months. And while always a good time, I was struck by the something that never fails to amaze me. That being the immense talent of stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

Now, I know everyone believes that the stars of their favorite television show are the best actors out there. But if your favorite show is Supernatural, you might actually be correct. And this isn’t some diatribe meant to get them the award nominations they so deserve. I live in the real world, I know how that stuff works. I do not become appalled or incensed when they are overlooked, time and time again. But I do feel sad for those who are missing out on the pure joy that exists while watching them work.

The ease with which these actors transition from uproarious comedy to heart wrenching drama is unparalleled by almost anyone else, not just on The CW, but on television. Often they are making these astonishing transitions and working their magic while facing otherworldly creatures, against green screens and speaking a dead or made up language. Beat that Tony Soprano.

The most notable thing about their acting talent is the way it draws you into unbelievable worlds and situations, making them feel more real than the sofa on which you sit. Hell is a place. Angels exist. The future is scary. Sometimes I find myself lost in what might seem like the most ridiculous of places, due mostly to their skill. And while I don’t think that their brotherly bond is much of an act after working so closely together for so many years, their willingness to use that is just one more talent that they have.

I believe that you can always tell the best actors by the way that they cry. Nothing is worse than a bad crier. They have a way of ripping you out of the story faster than a porn pop-up. There is no chance of that distraction with Jared or Jensen though. When Sam and Dean hurt, I hurt and it’s all because of the way that they portray the sorrow dealt them at every hand. But sad isn’t all they can do. Happy (rarely), pensive (often), bitch faced (Sam) and angry (Dean) are also in their extensive repertoire.

As incredible as they are at the heightened emotions, it’s their nuanced performances that move me most, the subtle changes in their expressions that tell you how to feel and how deep to feel it. These subtleties are best seen when they are forced to play characters other than present day Sam and Dean while living in the same world. See Dean as himself 5 years in the future and Sam as Lucifer. Without a word spoken, without any hint of a change, you know that there is a difference.

These guys have taken questionable story lines, strange dialogue and engagements beyond a sane mind’s capacity and turned them into touching and brilliant television. And other than the occasional recurring character and small parted guest stars, they carry the show on their own. I dare you to name two other actors who have accomplished the same feat.

There is a lot that is said about the Supernatural fandom but one thing is for certain: they know something the rest of the world doesn’t and that puts them ahead of all the rest. I’m proud to be a part of that group.

Seasons 1-6 of Supernatural are now streaming on Netflix so there’s no reason to continue to miss out on this superb talent. New episodes air Friday nights at 9:00 PM EST on The CW.



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4 responses to “A Supernatural Talent

  1. I’ve also been re-watching old eps. Little things like the difference Jared has added to his walk as Sam, whether consciously or unconsciously, it’s still a detail I love to see in acting. Love the cast, they’re so talented!!

  2. Dawn (BTSGeek)

    I am only through episode 4, and I was really struck in the very first episode by the ease of the actors in their roles, and the natural feel of the brother dynamic between the two. Do you know if they had a lot of rehearsal time before shooting it? It’s remarkable. I’m used to making allowances in the first ep of a show for it all being new–totally unnecessary here. Thanks so much for encouraging me to check it out!!! The bad news is I am so far behind, the good news is there is so much for me to enjoy…Or, wait. that could be bad news because I gorge when I love, and I love SPN so far.

  3. Boo Ya

    I’ve been recording it for my youngest for years, when she had to work. On occasion, I’d half-ass watch an episode. But in June of last year, I needed something to fill some time. As I’d watched the S06 finale with her (CAS!!) I figured I’d pilfer here DVDs & watch some #SPN. What I did NOT expect was a marathon of episodes in which I barely slept. I got pulled in SO fast & well, that I could not turn it off. And I’ve since convinced 4 others (guys, no less) to start watching. J2 is a joy to watch, as well as the rest of what’s left of the characters. You GET that the sense of comraderie surpasses the ease of which they all interact. You DO know when there’s a suble shift in character, and these actors have TONS of talent that most often go unnoticed b/c of the genre, the time slot, or new shows. As with everything I love dearly, I hope it lasts forever. Or at least a few more years 🙂

  4. Eryn

    Wow Erin this is beautiful. We really are an incredibly lucky fandom to have such talented leads. It’s going to be even more interesting to see how Jared and Jensen play Sam and Dean this season. The relationship between the brothers is going to be so different from anything we’ve seen before. I can’t wait!

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