Naley – A Love Story – or Two

So there’s this scene in episode 1×08 of One Tree Hill where Nathan has messed up (again) and goes to Haley looking for forgiveness. Until this point, they’re just friends, if that even.

And then Nathan kisses her. And it’s such a great TV kiss. The kind that makes you warm all over. The nerdy girl and the jerky jock. You just FEEL like they can make it work.

A few weeks ago someone posted on tumblr:

Ever since I watched Nathan and Haley’s first kiss in season one, I want a guy to kiss me while “Dare You To Move” plays in the background.

And it reminded me of why I love that scene so much!! So I answered them with this:

Their first kiss is one of my all time favorite scenes from the show and a HUGE part of that is the song. The weekend that I met my husband I was on vacation and after an amazing time with him, I had to get on the plane to go home. I was so distraught thinking I may never see him again. I put the Walk To Remember soundtrack on and listened to that song all the way home. When I got off the plane I had a voice mail from him telling me he already missed me. The rest is history. So when I first saw that scene, and heard that song, I knew the Naley love story would be EPIC.

Of course, Nathan and Haley are now totally EPIC as are my husband and I. Though I never would have guessed it from that first kiss of theirs or from my first weekend with Pete. Especially after crying the entire trip home.

Music is key. Love is everything.

In case you need to watch the scene again here it is:


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