Lists and Plans

Despite the fact that I spend almost every hour of every day sitting at one of three computers in my house, I MUST have pen and paper nearby. It’s a necessity. I fill notebook after notebook with grocery lists, essay ideas, rants, love letters, songs to download, shows to watch and books to read. Often I wax poetic on how I plan to fill my days, get in shape, find inspiration. I write page after page of lists and plans. The problem is that after I fill a page, I turn it. Sometimes I go back and find a good idea to use or remember that I really do need to put that song on my iPod or mail that package, but more often than not, it all gets buried behind new pages and totally disregarded.

When I worked in a cubicle I had sticky notes EVERYWHERE. I mean, on EVERYTHING. Desk top, phone, computer, walls, and then little piles of them stacked in corners. I have a desk area at home but it’s pretty much a disaster. Okay, not pretty much. It’s a war zone. Even finding a pen over there is sometimes hard to do. See exhibit A:


Now that I’m not in a traditional work place, I spend my days with the best of intentions, to do things that will make me a better writer, a better wife, a better friend. In my mind I orchestrate museum visits, craft projects, and home improvement exploits. What I do instead is sit in my arm-chair, laptop on lap, Diet Coke on the coaster, eating candy and watching shows I’ve already seen like 100 times. That notebook on the end table to my right is full of lists and plans and sometimes it seems overwhelming. I won’t deny that I’m lazy. I am a slave to my creature comforts. New and different can be scary. But I WANT to be better, do more. Part of the problem is not having any kind of routine. Another part is my constant state of disorganization. It plagues me.

So, today is Monday. That day of the week when everyone starts their new diet, their new job, their new PLAN. And I have mine. Get organized, find a routine. Starting with my office area. Perhaps if it is a place I enjoy going to, a place that promotes creativity and productivity, I will have a better chance at obtaining those two things on a daily basis.

Of course, I wrote this all down in my notebook. I just have to try not to turn the page.



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5 responses to “Lists and Plans

  1. I’ve been there! Truth be told I find myself fighting constantly not to end up back in that perpetual planning trap. Here’s the secret that I’ve found: People who do the stuff you want to do don’t sit around and PLAN it, they just DO it. Do it and you don’t have to plan on doing it. Make it your life and you don’t have to look for a way to fit it into your life. (Easier said than done I know, but so worth it.)

    • South Boston Squirrel Trainer

      great call on just DOing it! rather than becoming overwhelmed and drowning in a sea of “to-do’s”, just grab your notebook/pen and a camera and commit to a 30 min walk… maybe you will end up stopping in a museum, a cute shop, the library, etc. and along the way you may find tons of creative inspiration that you can capture. haha this reminds me of clueless when cher decides to makeover her soul 🙂

  2. I’m guilty of doing this too. It’s hard for me because I work a closing shift and my sleep schedule gets all screwed up and I just don’t want to get out of bed sometimes. My dog is why I’m up now this early. So far I’ve made breakfast for myself, and started laundry. Next up: cleaning.

    Good luck!

  3. Cecile

    We are a generation of procrastinators bb. Don’t blame yourself. We all do it. Every monday is a white page we start full of hope and determination to do something. Every sunday we blame ourselves because we didn’t do anything new, anything good enough. I guess we need a click. And then things fall in place. Idk I might be optimistic!
    P.S: you took pics of my bedroom !!!
    P.S: “mail that package” I did totally laugh at this one. I’m waiting to get a ransom for my stuff any minute now. Just tell me they are alive ! 😉 still love you bb. Just the way you are.

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