In The Days To Come

For some reason, this Monday thing keeps happening EVERY SINGLE WEEK! It’s relentless and awful but here it is again.

First off, congratulations to the New England Patriots and to all of their fans. Tom Brady was actually pretty endearing yesterday when he admitted his suckitude. I never say nice things about Tom Brady but that was cute. And poor Billy Cundiff. Who wants to be that guy today? Yeesh!

In case you were wondering, I will be supporting my husband and my fellow MassHoles in rooting for the Pats come Superbowl time but I want to make it clear that it does not make me a Pats fan. I’m just a good wife and friend. Good luck team!

Kind of a sad and quiet TV week coming up for me. No new Vampire Diaries, no new Supernatural and One Tree Hill is new but it’s the first one airing without my favorite James Lafferty. I will still be writing my regular recap but I hope to also have a little Love Letter to Nathan Scott ready to go by then so stay tuned for that.

The biggest going-on in TV this week is the Chuck series finale. Listening to star Zach Levi talk about the show coming to an end after its 5th season had me bawling in a San Diego ballroom last summer and  just reading about it in last week’s Entertainment Weekly made me well up with tears. Chuck is such a fun, well done, lovely show and one of the few that my husband and I can enjoy together. I have all the faith in the world that the finale will make me laugh, make me cry, and do justice to a wonderful show. Farewell Chuck Bartowski.

I loaded the last of The Hunger Games books onto my husband’s iPod for him last night. I think this is probably one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever given him. I think he’s really enjoyed the books, I won’t have to explain them come movie time and it’s been a lot of fun to discuss what’s going on in them when he gets home from work. Also, he is definitely on Team Peeta so it proves how right we are for each other.

Before I let you get on with your Monday, check out some fun things from around the web:

My friend Melissa wrote an amazing blog post about the stigma of online friends. A must read for everyone.

For Parks & Rec fans, if you have not danced with a drunk Ron Swanson yet, YOU MUST DO IT. Funniest thing ever.

And if funny isn’t your thing but you do want to see the cutest thing ever filmed, watch this.

Have a great week y’all!




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  1. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    well of COURSE you guys are both for team pete-ahh

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