Night Owl

I hate morning people. Like DETEST them.

Those awful human beings who jump out of bed, early in the AM, ready to sieze the day. Showering and dressing for the sole purpose of taking on the world with a smile on their face.

Those people suck.

Mostly because I am jealous. But only a little bit.

I have been a Night Owl for as long as I can remember. Once the dark sets in, I come alive.

The daylight is for the hustle and bustle.

The night is all about the mystery, the secrets.

The Owls whisper and tip toe, trying hard not to disrupt the hustlers. We knit, we Tweet, we read and write.

This Night Owl has found amazing friendships with stunning Australian ladies who would never be noticed by your average day light Hustler.

Sunglasses are not an accessory. They are a necessity for me and for any Night Owl who must leave the house during day light hours, something  I try to avoid at all costs.

There is a beauty in it though. Watching all of the windows around you go black and then hours later, light. Watching people end and then start their days.

Being a Night Owl can be lonely at times. But there is a sense of stillness, a sense of peace in the dark, which will never, for me, happen in the sun. Unless of course I am poolside with a cocktail, my iPod and a good book. That is the only time when this Night Owl prefers the day.

Owls hear music through headphones rather than through speakers. We are well versed in DVR technology so that we have TV to fill the long dark nights without having to succumb to the overwhelming power of the informercial. BTW the Magic Bullet is not magic at all and that vacuum bag thing is ridiculous.

The worst part about being a Night Owl? The littlest thing you want, from cake, to beer, to Vogue magazine, must wait until the sun rises. Unless of course you are a Night Owl living in New York City. What an experience that must be…

You know who the real heroes are though? The Night Owls who are currently serving time as Hustlers. I have served that sentence before. It can be the most brutal of nightmares. I may have to serve it again soon.

Until that time though, tuck in, settle down and understand

Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

Enjoy the silence



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2 responses to “Night Owl

  1. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    from one night owl (disguised as a hustler) to another, props on the depeche shoutout 🙂

  2. Tiffy

    Once a night owl, always a night owl. I’ve been once since i was a little kid. totally my dad’s fault and he knows it. 🙂

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