The Elephant in the Room

For Christmas, my sister got me a beginners Yoga kit.

Or, rather, she gave me an Amazon gift card with the suggestion that I purchase said Yoga kit after an extensive conversation about how I would love to start doing Yoga, at home, on a regular basis.

I of course used the rest of the gift card to purchase the really important things in life, such as, a Supernatural book, a Vampire Diaries calendar and One Tree Hill on DVD.

The calendar is hanging in my office, the book has been skimmed and I have listened to all of the DVD commentary featuring James Lafferty (the hot guy who is not Chad Michael Murray).

The box containing the Yoga stuff is still sitting, unopened, in my living room.

Yesterday I was so bored I curled my hair for no good reason at all. And every time I walked into the living room to check my email or grab my chapstick, that box was sitting there. judging me. (My hair looks awesome, by the way, thanks for asking).

I can’t figure out why I am so adverse to opening the box and trying out the new toy. If it were anything else I would have torn into it the day it arrived!

But still it sits there. Looking at me.

Perhaps you all can give me some words of encouragement or motivation. Otherwise I am just going to hide it in a closet and watch the season 6 gag reel again. It’s pretty funny.




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8 responses to “The Elephant in the Room

  1. SonyaBlade

    You really will like it, promise! Try it and reward yourself with some wine. Relaxation day!

  2. LadyChristineOfMaine

    I vote for letting it sit. But I do so having packed on a good 35 pounds and making a habit out of praying for days that I don’t have to squeeze in “real” pants. SOooo, I’m pretty sure you should so the opposite of anything I vote for (just in case you’re curious, I am personally voting for a large vat of macaroni and cheese….to just show up)

  3. Bird

    It’s better to do yoga in the closed blind solitude of you own home then look like a clumbsy jack ass in a class.
    I vote wine & Mac n’ cheese after.

  4. I suspect they will look great in the closet (Goodwill?) alongside the resistence bands I Amazon’d you years ago. Home workouts are hard merely for the ADD factor. Good luck. I can’t even find my basement to use my stair stepper.

  5. …but I can always find my basement when I need to dig out my 7th grde yearbook. Weird.

  6. Caroline

    I say rip it open and dive in, I started doing yoga months ago and take breaks from it but none the less everytime I do yoga I feel great, but you have to really try and if it doesn’t feel right, keep trying the more you do yoga the more your body will respond to it

  7. Lindsay

    Here is my rule of thumb…you will never regret a workout but you will almost always regret skipping one.

    Light a few candles, turn the lights down and try it!

    Maybe just set a goal of trying it for 15 minutes at a time. It is weird at first but feels oh so good! I used to feel slightly drugged after going to a yoga class it was so relaxing.

  8. South Boston Squirrel Trainer

    hahahaha oh lady christine (bravo!)… erin i vote YOGA… i loved it when i was doing it daily, and you will notice a difference in your body and how you feel even by the first 2 weeks (assuming you are doing it almost everyday)… sonyablade and i used to rock it in the mornings (oh tom morley, WOOoaahh)… ok erin now you are motivating me to start back up! let’s DO this.

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