To Fan or Not to Fan

So I’m experiencing a bit of a dilemma.

I am a HUGE Denver Broncos fan. I was born bleeding Orange & Blue. I can’t remember a time in my life when John Elway wasn’t an honorary family member. If I ever cheered against my Broncos, my mother would surely come down from heaven and ground me for life. Not kidding. Not even a little bit.

Since moving here 7 years ago, my husband has become a big New England Patriots fan. His devotion may be on the short side, time wise,  but I do not want to make light of his love for the Pats. He is the proud owner of both Home and Away Wes Welker jerseys (he likes to pretend one of them is mine) and he watches each and every game with full Patriot fervor (including a must see comedy routine regarding their secondary).

Nearly 4 weeks ago when the Patriots beat my Broncos pretty badly at home, I took a good beating myself. Not literally of course. My husband doesn’t take his football THAT seriously.

I was in enemy territory.  Enemy territory being my own living room with three Pats fans (my husband being one of them) and then me, the lone Broncos fan. It was a hard loss. I was devastated. I had so much hope. Especially after that first half. “MAYBE!!,” I thought. And then there was no 4th quarter comeback. Big. Time. Ouch.

The smiles on the Pats fans in my living room were less than fun. Wanting to kick people in the teeth is wrong, right?

At that point I really didn’t believe that my Broncos would actually make the playoffs.

And then, miracle one, THEY MADE IT!!

When the first playoff game was announced, against the Pittsburg Steelers, again, I did not believe. “We’re done.” I said.

I have become convinced that the universe just LOVES to prove me wrong.

So sure, was I, that the Broncos would lose, I didn’t even watch the game until the very end of the 4th quarter. Turns out, I tuned in just in time and got to see the pass and run of a LIFE TIME. What a beautiful sight! Miracle two.

Which puts us right back where we were 4 weeks ago. Only this time my Broncos are with me in enemy territory. And again my husband and I are facing off. Is there marriage counseling for this kind of thing?

I am pretty superstitious. They have won games I haven’t seen at all. They have won games that I have only seen the beginnings of. They have won games I have only seen the endings of. The only gme I watched all the way through was their last game against the Pats. And I watched it with Pats fans. And they lost.

I’m not so ridiculous that I think that anything I do will have an actual effect on the game. But what if I didn’t do it just right and they lost?

SO… here are my options:

1. Hole up in my room, with all of the Bronco fans I know here (Me, myself and I) and pretend I don’t care what happens (as I have done for most of the games where they win)


2. Throw on my #87 Orange & Blue Jersey, go out with all the Pats fans (a.k.a. THE ENEMY) and just pray, pray, pray.

What do you guys think? Is there a right way to fan? A wrong way? Do I let my superstitions get the best of me and hide out? Or do I say SCREW IT and let my big Broncos Fan Flag Fly?

Win or lose, both options have obvious benefits.

The lethal combination of course would be to LOSE in PUBLIC. Though I’m sure my mother would never ground me for that.

By the way, after Robert Ayers, Defensive End for the Denver Broncos, made a huge play at the end of Sunday’s game against the Steelers, I thought of this song. Sing it with me friends!!



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11 responses to “To Fan or Not to Fan

  1. Paige

    let your freak flag fly, erin!

  2. John Guyette

    Great post! I say let your Broncos fandom shine. I think your husband will be proud of his independent wife even if his beloved Pats lose.

  3. Amy

    Seriously, Erin, I have to tell you to GO BIG OR GO HOME? (Well, you’ll already be at home…) They made it! Celebrate with the biggest baddest jersey you can find! I’ll be cheering for them here – all the more reason we need our own street.
    And then, of course, you pray, pray, pray. Tebow wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Go Broncos!

  4. Wicks

    there is certainly no right way or wrong way to fan! I was totally called out for not crying at my own wedding yet crying when the B’s won the cup. Hmmmm…. moving on … holed or or letting it all hang out are completely acceptable and….I would prefer to not have my teeth kicked in some maybe having you holed up is a safer option! 🙂

  5. Sonya

    I too often find myself the lone fan deep, deep within enemy territory. I find the best thing to do is to wear your colors loud and proud and to hell with everyone! Another tip: Keep the booze handy, it will be essential no matter what – drowning sorrows or wild, victory celebration!

  6. Don’t even let me hear that you’ve entertained not wearing the appropriate attire. And don’t forget who won the last time these two teams met in the playoffs! I learned on Sunday that I can’t scream with a 7 week old baby in the house. I am going to find a bar here in Lincoln, NE (Husker Nation – barf) to belly up to so I can be the Broncos fan God intended. I want no less from you sister!

  7. PeterGuyette

    As Erin already knows I am not shy about cheering on my team no matter how out numbered I may be “On Wisconsin!!” Another classic example was our honeymoon when I got to watch the Pats whoop up on the Dolphins while surrounded by a bunch of Miami fans…..of course I was more surprised that they even had fans!! My brother is right Erin, I would be proud of my wife sporting her favorite team colors even if they are the other team and I would never stoop so low as to heckle you about a loss unless of course you started cheering for Army during the Army Navy game.

  8. Bird

    If I have to cheer for the broncos Saturday then you sure as hell better paint your face and strap on the broncos barrel.

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